Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday

Since Sophie is just learning to crawl and stand up, I thought I'd do my flashback Friday of old learning to crawl pictures of myself-

Random Pictures from this week...

Sophie is getting into everything!-

Maddie loves playing with Sophie and carrying her around the house, she can't wait for Sophie to wake up from her naps so she can play-

Garen loved the airplane and tank at the park we went to for playgroup-

Tuesday was a BBQ for primary teachers and their families. Andy came late because of work and then he left quickly because Maddie had a nice fall on the playground and scrapped up her leg.-

Garen enjoyed having Milan over to play-

Maddie started ballet this week and is really loving it!-

playing peek-a-boo in the tent with Sophie-

Trying to get a family picture...

All we wanted was one quick shot of the family while we were still in our church clothes. So that didn't work out...

And finally one that works even though Sophie is pulling my hair and Garen is glaring at something-

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8th Annual Young Family Games

Another very fun filled Young Family Games is over. This year we had 31 people at mom and dad's house for 3 days. There was crying, stitches, cold showers and zero sleep-but most of all there was laughing, hugs, playing, smiles, and fun!

We arrived on Friday after (Andy) lost our debit card and after (Andy) locked the keys in the car and we had to have AAA come at midnight to get them out.

Saturday we played some tennis in the morning, the kids played in the pool and on the tramp with the sprinkler under it. Ben made the kids a super fun treasure hunt and my mom supplied some pretty amazing treasures at the end.

We cleaned out my parents storage room as a surprise to them as well as did some yard work for my grandparents for our service project. Sara and I enjoyed spraying and knocking down the beehives while screaming.

After dinner it was off to the church gym for some basketball, races, and the kids yearly play. Right before the play Joren tripped and hit the corner of the door splitting his head open. This resulted in a trip to the ER and 5 stitches. The kids had fun putting on their play and dancing for us.

Sunday was church, pictures, ping pong, snakes, and just enjoying everyone's company. After dinner we played the Young Family Quiz game-40 years of Paul and Suz addition. We all got to learn a ton about my parents, dating, wedding, jobs, etc.

Monday we headed out to the Steadman's Ranch with the waterslides and zipline. We had so much fun there! The kids went up and down that slide nonstop! We finished our snakes games out there, shot off the candy cannon and announced the winners of the games.

I got a couple fun videos of the waterslide that I posted below. I missed the best one when Miriam came flying down and bumped into Garen; Garen bounced out of his tube and landed in Miriam's tube and kept going-to funny!

Sadly around 5pm it was time for us to head back to WY. We made it home after only 3 stops including dinner, at about 11:30pm.

grandma and grandpa with all 19 grandkids-

All 31 of us-

The Play-


Just having fun-
bishop Young teaching all the kids a lesson (just kidding)

everyone loves this tree (well maybe not Andrew anymore since he fell out of it and got pretty scraped up)-
Miriam, Abby, Maddie, Savannah, Emma-
The girls loved writing in their journals grandma sue gave them-
accuracy throw, go mom!-

I love how Sophie is actually pulling a normal face and Andy is the one with the funny face-

Treasure Hunt-
trying to put the letters together to find out the final clue-

Steadman's Ranch-

Service project at Grandma and Grandpa's house-

Winners! Andy-1st, Amanda-2nd, Emily-3rd
Sophie's first Popsicles, thanks Mandy-


You get a little bit of everything in this video, my mom falling of the tube, Maddie crashing into Colton, some dancing girls, Sophie going down on the tube with me and Mandy and an attempt at a little kid relay race- (you might want to turn your volume down, the wind is really loud in the video)