Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Everett loves to explore and climb on things.  He got high centered under our kitchen chair unable to go forward or backward and he finds all kinds of other places to get into mischief.
getting stuck in the floor play toy-

 After he's done eating in the high chair he likes to crawl back over there and finish the food he dropped.

Fort built by Maddie

Since the preschool wasn't being used to teach this week and everyone is sick Maddie turned the basement into fort world.  She made arrows to follow, the blocks underneath say building fun.
The fort was complete with a room for Maddie, Garen, and Sophie with beds and everything, and a family room with heater, radio and a garbage can.  They did pretty good with no parent help.
 Sophie is peaking through the forts window and the blocks in the front say Welcome To the Block Fort

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Growing up way to fast!

Pajama Day at preschool!

 making pizza's for the letter P

Garen waiting for the bus, looking out our new glass screen door.  I begged Andy for one and although he thought it a weird way to spend $250 he bought it and spend several hours installing it.  Although Andy may never use it or think about it, It has made my life much easier.  I no longer freeze looking through a cracked open door for the buses to come in the morning or for my kids' carpools.  My front door is no longer left wide open by a preschooler and it brings light into a dark space!


Grandma Jann, Amber, Levi and Zack came out for the weekend.  They got to see the girls ice skating show and the kids enjoyed playing nonstop with their cousins.
decorating heart cookies-

 Maddie reading the boys stories before bed-

Monday, February 18, 2013


Everett was the best thing for Garen, he loves having a brother and I'm pretty sure Everett feels the same way!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Figure Skating Show

Sophie's group dance-

Maddie"s solo-  She was a little discouraged because she fell but I think she's pretty awesome and brave in just her 2nd season of skating and to go out on the ice all alone to do a solo!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday night we spent the evening at the Civic Center rock climbing and playing basketball.  It was so much fun!  Sophie was bound and determined to push the button at the top of the easier climb and she tried over and over till she made it!  Andy and I even got to climb this time and we even made it to the top!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day was full of candy, parties, and love.  The kids woke up to a little love present from Andy and I and were so excited.  After all the kid parties we just had a low key evening with homemade pizza.  Andy and I don't usually buy each other gifts but Andy surprised me with a planned helicopter ride!  We go in a few weeks-I'm super excited!  Love this crazy bunch that I call my family!

Kindergarten Valentine Party

Right after my Preschool party I headed over to Garen's school to help with his and I walked right into this crazy donut eating frenzy.  It was so fun to be in Garen's class and see him with his friends.  They made love potion which Garen refused to drink-he was not going to fall in love!