Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Princess Playgroup again

It was our turn to have the little princesses again on Monday. We made ghost out of their footprints, decorated cookies, made masks, practiced cutting, sang songs, read stories, and played barbies.
This little group of girls are so much fun! Never any fighting or crying just happy little girls!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garen got to go to a birthday Halloween party this week. He wanted to wear his Luigi costume from last year. But last year he wanted nothing to do with a mustache this year he wouldn't take it off. The kids are very excited for Halloween to be here!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Movie Night

With Andy gone hunting for 4 days, the kids and I had a movie night complete with popcorn, candy, blankets, pillows, and a late bedtime.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

End of the Fall soccer season

Maddie and Garen played their last soccer games today. They both had a great season! I know I am ready for a break from driving to and from soccer 5 times a week. And its a good thing its over because Garen left his shin guards at the fields and didn't realize till we were almost home and I was not willing to drive all the way back into the crowd of people and cars to get them.
Maddie really had an awesome season, her skills have really improved.

And Garen, what can I say...he kicked the ball a couple of times and always found a way to entertain himself on the field.
randomly running backwards-
not sure what dance that is-

at least he runs fast even if when he gets there he doesn't kick the ball.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Look who joined our family today

Maddie has not entered many drawings in her lifetime, but I think she has won 90% of the ones she she has entered. It started with the library reading program 2 years ago, her name got picked to take home a hamster. Last year at the carnival her name was drawn for both a door prize and a piggy bank with $80 in it. And today at school her name got drawn to take home one of 3 Anole lizards. She named him bashful. I hope he enjoys the preschool!

Garen (who is terrified of all animals) bravely came to the pet store with us to get a warming lamp and some live crickets. He agreed to go in with the knowledge that all animals would be caged up. He was fine until a little girl got one of the kittens out, he turned around and noticed that baby kitten and scream and ran for the door. The other customers looked around to see what could have terrified a boy so badly. I think most of them never figured it out cuz all they could see was a tiny kitten. Needless to say Garen waited in the car while Maddie and Sophie petted the kitten and some puppies.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rock Spring Stake's 85th anniversary roadshow

We had a relaxing laid back Saturday morning because the kids soccer games were canceled due to our snow wet weather. In the afternoon and took the kids to the rec. center to play basketball. Then Saturday night we head to the Stake Center for the big celebration of the anniversary of the Rock Springs Stake being established 85 years ago.
The second we walked in the kids got balloon animals, sparkle stars on their faces, and tons of candy from all the games they played. Then we ate dinner and watched a show put on by all the youth depicting every decade in the last 85 years. The kids really had a good time!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Singing and Dancing

I hope you enjoy Maddie practicing for her Christmas choir concert and Garen's inspired choreography.

And we have Snow!

Family Ice Skating and Yogurt

Friday there was no school due to parent/teacher conferences so we made it a play day! I took the kids to Mcdonalds for lunch where we met some of our other friends. Then we got a movie, Diary of a Wimpy kids. After dinner we met the Hansens at the ice rink for some ice skating. It was Sophie's first time on the ice, she really enjoyed it! After some ice flake snowball fights, some games of tag, a few races, and a fall from Andy; we headed to the yogurt place for dessert.

Parent/Teacher Conference

We are very proud of Maddie after going to her parent/teacher conference. All her test scores were above the benchmark for the end of the year. There was a math test they do and the highest score in the whole third grade was a 209, Maddie got a 207. She can read 94 words a minute, she's in the highest math and reading groups and is doing well. But like in years past the teacher said she is so smart but can't sit still in her seat or cannot stop chatting with the people around her. How do you calm a very active, very social little girl? At least it doesn't affect her academics.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garen's Ice Skating

Garen didn't want to be left out of the ice skating fun so he will be attending with Maddie on Mon/Wed. There are a small group of boys that are in it to practice for hockey and Garen loved being a part of them!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Figure Skating

Maddie started figure skating today. She will have the opportunity to perform and compete, so we are excited to see her progress in this skill this year!

Conference Weekend

We had a very full weekend! Friday night Andy's parents came to visit. We all went out to eat at Broadway Burger to celebrate Andy's birthday. Then I got to go to the late night movie with my friends.
Saturday morning Andy left at 4am to go with his friend on something they call the triple threat. They floated down the river in a boat looking for deer to shoot, ducks to shoot, and with their fishing poles in the water. Apparently it works because Andy came home with a deer, a duck, and fish! I'm glad he got to go, he's had to miss hunting season the last few years.
While Andy was gone his parents and I headed to the kids' soccer games. Garen made his first goal! It was completely on accident but it went in and it was his goal! We made it home in time to eat some lunch then watch the afternoon session of conference. Jann was nice enough to hang out with the kids downstairs while I folded 12 loads of laundry and listened upstairs. I got to enjoy all those talks with no interruptions-it was nice. Later that evening Amber, Zeb and kids got to our house. The kids had a good time playing together!
On Sunday we made a big breakfast of sticky buns, pancakes, fruit, and bacon. Then we enjoyed conference. Between sessions we went to the park to get a little fresh air and let the kids run. We had a yummy late lunch of roast, dutch over potatoes, rolls, and corn on the cob. Then we sang to Andy and had birthday cake. Then all of Andy's family were headed back to Logan.

It took awhile for Andy to cooperate and give me a good picture-

After everyone left we decided to take advantage of the beautiful evening and walk over to the playground.

It was a lovely weekend with family and uplifting words from out Prophet! Too bad the great weekend had to turn into Monday morning with the flu!