Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purple Pretties, and a handsome little boy

Even with their cuteness, today was hard. With Andy gone working, Sophie was loud in sacrament meeting, Garen needed to go potty which meant I had to drag him and Sophie out and Maddie decided to follow behind. I think I heard a total of 5 minutes of the talks given today.
Garen refused to go to primary and not a quiet refusal. He screamed, he cried, he ran out the doors. This went on for the entire first hour while I tried to fulfill my Primary responsibilities and while Sophie kept darting off or pulling things out of the Primary closet.

I am thankful for the sister that walked down the hall, saw me struggling with Sophie while trying to get Garen to stop crying, and smiled and said, "Don't worry you will get double the blessings for coming to church today." I think that got me through the last hour of church.

Now we are home and I get to look at my cute pictures of my sweet kids and forget how hard church was today.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little stinker

This little stinker climbs out of her straps and onto her tray everytime I walk away. She thinks she's pretty funny. I look at her and tell her to sit down and instead she stomps her feet and dances on her tray.
We have the high chair on the lowest setting putting it pretty close to the ground but she's going to have a pretty good fall one of these days!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback Friday-PLease bring Spring addition

The sun was shinning this morning and I thought I'd take the kids out to ride bikes. They were super excited until the wind hit their faces. After 15 minutes of riding they were to cold to stay outside even with their warm coats and hats.
This made me get a bit of the Winter time blues so I posted a bunch of Spring time pictures to cheer me up and hold me over until we can go outside and play again!

Parent/Teacher Conference

I went to Maddie's parent teacher conference this morning. She really is doing amazingly well. They should be reading 75 sight words and she is at 197. They should be at a level 8 in reading and Maddie got tested at a level 22 and read with 97% accuracy and fluency and she got a 100% on her math midterm.
The only thing was that she writes so much and writes well but her handwriting is messy. Also she's boy crazy and a wild child. She's always laughing with a group of boys around her desk so she gets into trouble. We'll have to work on that. ;)
The teacher said sometimes she thinks Maddie isn't paying attention at all but when she calls on her to answer the question she always gets it right. I guess she is blessed with the ability to multitask.
We are so proud of Maddie and all her hard work. I wouldn't trade my wild, hyper, smart, and messy girl for anything.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl Scout Thinking Day

Last night was our Girl Scout Thinking Day. This is where our troop present a country and they also get to go around to all the other country presentations to play games, taste food, and learn. Besides the fact that Garen was running around the library and Sophie was tired and grumpy, I think it went well.

I guess Maddie wasn't very interested in Italy-

And I just had to throw this in. I can't believe how grown up Maddie is getting, I had to take a double look this morning after she got dressed; when did she decide to grow up?!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well the past week has been plenty busy but nothing out of the ordinary or exciting. School, cleaning, preschool teaching, church responsibilities, and playing with my kids. These pictures are from Saturday.

Garen made a bed out of the blocks-

Maddie and Sophie watching them resurface the ice so Maddie can skate-
Maddie got invited to a sleepover birthday party at a hotel. Since I'm a protective mother and didn't think a hotel is the best place to leave a six year old. I stayed for part of it and then picked her up about 9:30pm. She had fun swimming, eating pizza, and watching others get makeovers (she didn't want one herself).
Maddie and the birthday girl Angelique-

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

weekend in Burley

We arrived at Sara's house on Thursday night and the kids were overly excited about playing with their cousins they haven't seen in a few months. Andy and I enjoyed saying up late with Sara and Ben watching the first season of lost-I think I'm hooked.

Friday the kids got to play some more and I got to watch the boys so Sara could help with Abby's first grade Valentine's party.

Later we left to Burley and Maddie was thrilled to have Abby ride with us.

In Burley Sara and I got to spend some time helping grandma and grandpa which was actually really nice for us. We left all the kids with the husbands so we got to hang out in piece and quiet with our grandparents!

We watched more Lost, some Olympics, played the Wii, went bowling, celebrated Valentine's Day, played outside, and just enjoyed being with my family!

Maddie loves playing Sara's keyboard-

The boys racing-

playing outside-

Abby and Maddie loved having a sleepover together out in the living room-

searching for fairies-

Sophie's first sucker, trying to keep her from screaming-

Andy and Ryan-


We took the kids bowling while my parents were working in the temple. They had a wonderful time and got pretty good. But when it came down to the end-I won!