Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another tooth lost

Maddie finally let me pull out her 3rd lost tooth after a few days of it just barley hanging on. The only problem is there is absolutely no room for a tooth to grow in it's place. I guess it's time for a trip to the dentist to find out what to do. Maddie can't wait to put the tooth under her pillow! I think it will be the toothfairy's first job of 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time to Save

For part of Maddie's Christmas present her Grandparents gave her money to go open a savings account.
She had one once before but when we switched banks and moved out here we just closed all our accounts and never ended up opening another savings account for her.
But she is super excited and I think old enough to understand saving for something special and how much money is worth.
The bank was great. They welcomed her in showed her all about her new savings account and gave her a new piggy bank and a Wells Fargo horse. She also earns stagecoach buck everytime she deposits money and she can turn those in for more prizes.
Thanks Grandma Jann and Grandpa Boyd.

Nasty bug

The last few days we've had the flu bug at our house. So much for getting stuff done while Maddie and Garen were away. Early Sunday morning Sophie and I got hit. So my Sunday was spent cleaning up Sophie's throw up, giving her baths, doing laundry, throwing up myself and laying down whenever Sophie was napping. And the saddest part is that Garen caught the bug Sunday morning as well and he was in Logan with his grandparents! I felt awful I couldn't be there to take care of him and that Andy's parents were the ones having to clean up his throw up! But they took wonderful care of him.
The kids came back Monday afternoon and we just spent the rest of the day relaxing and washing more laundry. Garen threw up again this morning but we all seem to be feeling better now. Darn flu put a damper on everything!
Grandma and Maddie playing the Wii boxing-

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day!!!

Sophie was the first one up Christmas morning. I tried to occupy her upstairs for a bit so she wouldn't wake anyone up or destroy the presents. About 7am they were all awake and running down the stairs. Even Maddie was running and smiling even after her sickness late into the night. The kids were so excited they didn't know what to do first. Sophie was running in place and squealing mostly because her siblings were so excited she thought she would join in!

Maddie loved passing out the presents to everyone. Some of her favorite gift included:
Wii, guitar, littlest pet shops, razor scooter, electronic puppy, new pj's, jewelry maker, twin cribs for her dollhouse, wooden play food, clothes, Tom and Jerry movie, and books.

Garen was extremely happy with his new things, after all he only wanted the one Yo Gabba Gabba to complete his train set. And all 5 Yo Gabba Gabba's were out waiting for him when he came down. Garen also loved getting: link'n logs, tractors, trucks, trailers, a stunt race car track, buzz lightyear, a new Cowboys hat, giant cardboard blocks, Star Wars characters, new clothes and pj's, the movie UP, and new puzzle and book.

Sophie was mainly having fun with the wrapping paper and picking up all the other toys that Maddie and Garen had unwrapped. But Sophie was very impatient trying to get her new cabbage patch doll out of the package. When I finally pulled her out Sophie gave her a giant hug and carried her all around. Sophie also like: her baby crackers, new sippie, soft tea party set, diapers, new clothes and pj's, and singing caterpillar.

The day was absolutely wonderful. We just spent the day relaxing and building villages, tuning the guitar, playing the Wii, making jewelry, doing puzzles, and playing with all the great new stuff! The kids helped me make rolls and a dessert.
Then at 6pm we went over to the Scott's house for dinner along with the Hales, the Hinds, and the Sorensons. We had a wonderful yummy dinner, the 15 kids ran around like crazy, and we played a very entertaining game. We got home about 9 and it was off to bed for the kids and time to clean up for Andy and I.

And now I am sitting in a very quiet house because Andy's parents came and picked up Maddie and Garen this morning and took them back to Logan for a couple days. And Sophie is having a nap. Hopefully I can get everything done that I want to while Maddie and Garen enjoy playing with Grandma and Grandpa!
Andy loved Maddie's pink guitar as well! :) (He's just tuning it for her.)

some of the kids eating Christmas dinner-
Sophie helping cook with my apron on-

pjs from her great grandma, I didn't even know they made footed pjs that big. I didn't thing Maddie would wear them since she's a silky nightgown type of girl but she thought they were great!-

Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas the kids stayed busy making Grinch masks, painting pictures of Rudolph and the nativity, making cookies, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies.
Andy got home about 4pm and we had a wonderful roast and garlic potatoes dinner; followed by a family home evening lesson on Christ's birth. Maddie did a wonderful job retelling the story. We took a little quiz about Jesus' birth. We read several Christmas stories including The Night Before Christmas.
Then we put out a plate of cookies for Santa. I was letting the kids have one cookie before bed too and just as I was going to hand Maddie a cookie she said, "my stomach hurts," and then threw up all over the floor! She threw up a few more times and finally was asleep for the night about midnight-poor girl!
Andy and I watched White Christmas while we got our presents out and then Santa came!

The nativity the kids colored and put together-

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Polar Express Night

Last night we all got in our PJ's, made hot chocolate and enjoyed The Polar Express. The kids are so excited for Christmas and I have to admit so am I!!!

And earlier that day I got to spend two hours with friends at lunch. I left the kids with a babysitter, which Sophie didn't like, but I enjoyed my lunch and friends in peace.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Preschool Christmas Party

Garen had a great time at our preschool Christmas party. He mostly wrestled with Carter and ate the candy for the gingerbread houses, but he also enjoyed red and green playdough, stuffing stockings, unwrapping our books to read, singing songs, and playing games.