Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween morning didn't start out that great.  Garen was unsure about wearing his costume to school-he felt uncomfortable in something different than usual.  But after some discussion and excluding the glasses and the scar Garen was ready to be Harry Potter.  Then with only 10 minutes to get to school Garen-with the help of Sophie- spilled a whole bowl of cereal and milk on his costume.  
I wiped it off as best as I could and threw it in the dryer and had him to school only 5 minutes late.
The day didn't get much better when at my preschool Halloween party, one kid climbed in the bucket of puppets and in his big awkward costume fell over and managed to hit his head right on the corner of a wall leaving a bloody mess and a gash in the back of his head!  I cleaned him up and glued his head and his mom came and got him and was so nice about it.  Apparently he's cut his head open several times in nursery in the past.  
Garen and Maddie enjoyed their class parties and came home with way to many treats.  The evening was freezing cold and windy but we enjoyed the trunk or treat anyway.  Then we just made two more stops at the local fire departments where they give out king size candy bars and have some fun Halloween stuff.  We were home and warm by 7 and the kids watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown show while passing out candy to the kids that came to our door.

Maddie didn't get to wear a costume to school so she just wore her skeleton shirt and we put some spiders and snakes in her hair.

Everett didn't like not being able to use his hands-

some deer joined us for the trunk or treat-

Everett kept putting the bucket on his head and spinning in circles.  He  had us all laughing-

Preschool Halloween Party

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Figure Skating Halloween Party

Sophie starts piano lessons

Sophie has shown such an interest in playing piano that we decided to give it a go. She's only had one lesson so far but she has practiced everyday without being asked and she says she wants to play it perfect for her teacher Cammie

Playgroup Halloween party

It wasn't my turn to do playgroup but the mom who was in charge had a group of sick kids so we decided to take them on. Sophie was the only girl today but she didn't mind one bit. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Soccer pizza parties

Maddie, Garens, and Sophie's coaches just happened to all pick 6:00 on Tuesday and Pizza Hut for their end of the year party. It was nice for me to take them all at once but it was loud and crazy in there. I felt bad for the waitresses!  We were really luck to have some great coaches for all the kids this season. 


This boy seriously makes me smile. 
Every night he falls asleep in my bed so he can read without disturbing Everett. And I always find him surrounded by several Star Wars and ninjago books. 
When it was time to head to school garen was taking a long time to get his coat and gloves on. When I told him to hustle he said he needed to put the letters in abc order. 

Then when I was dropping him off at school he said he doesn't like recess before school starts. He said it just feels wrong not coming out to the playground from inside the school and just starting outside. I think he may have a little OCD in him. 

He spends hours writing, copying out of his books and he made this word search one night for Andy. -