Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Day

Yesterday we had my neighbor Zoe all day because her babysitter got sick and her mom had to go to work. Maddie had a blast dressing her up and playing dolls and tea party all day. We also made it to the park and had another picnic
And it was time for another haircut for Garen

Garen's new favorite thing is to tell Knock Knock jokes. He says knock knock then picks something random, and then just laughs without finishing the joke. It's pretty cute-

And we are super excited to head out tomorrow night for the last time before Maddie's school starts and before I get to far along. We are going to Bear Lake to stay with Andy's grandparents and see his family for Thurs and Friday. Then Sat-Mon is our 7th annual Young Family Games in Burley! I can't wait to see all 24 of my family members there! With my little family there will be 28 of us staying at my parent's house-so much fun!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was tagged by Alisha

I am: a spur of the moment decision maker
I think: about having 3 children!
I know: that Christ lives
I want: to teach my kids as much as possible
I have: everything I need at the moment
I dislike: rude people
I miss: anything green because Rock Springs is brown
I fear: losing a child
I feel: fat
I hear: children laughing -yes they are mine
I smell: dust that is blowing outside
I crave: sour candy
I cry: very rarely
I usually: talk to my sister everyday
I search: the scriptures
I wonder: if baby #3 will sleep better than Garen did
I regret: not being a better sister/friend/daughter in high school
I love: my husband
I care: what cartoons my kids watch
I always: shower
I worry: about having enough money for my kid's college and growing up years
I am not: moving very fast these days
I remember: knowing Andy was the one for me the very first time we hung out
I believe: in being happy with were life has taken me at the moment
I dance: like a crazy person
I sing: poorly, but I do it anyway
I don't always: win, but most the time I do ;)
I argue: just for the sake of arguing
I write: in my journal because my mom told me to
I win: always
I lose: my voice when I scream to much
I wish: I could give people more
I listen: to Garen whine
I don't understand: a lot of things
I can usually be found: reading a book
I am scared: to look at myself in the mirror
I need: a massage
I forget: people's names
I am happy: most of the time

I tag: Sara K, Jenny A, Carrol R., and Jakobi

Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

We have grass...

We've been waiting for the builders to replace our dead grass ever since we moved in. And finally today they came and laid new sod. So at least there is a little green in this very brown town. We will be putting grass seed in the backyard this Fall and hopefully will have a nice green backyard next Spring.

Parks and Picnics

Our week has been full of parks and picnics. We had a ward picnic where they played flag football-I wanted to join in so bad! But I think it's a requirement to be able to run when you play and that is something I can't do at the moment.

We also went to our libraries end of the summer picnic. Maddie had a blast with the other kids there and the waterballoons. I do have to say that picnics are kind of a challenge in Rock Springs. If you aren't holding everything down you end up loosing your plate or drink so fast with that crazy wind. My kids lost their lunch several times!

Then today we met the ward play group at the new splash park for a picnic and play. The kids had a blast at the park and the nearby train they could climb on, but neither of them wanted much to do with the cold water with that wind going on. Whenever we went swimming in Logan it was always at least 90 degrees and it rarely gets much over 80 here. Most days we are sitting in the high 60s or low 70s, which feels great to me, but I guess not for swimming in cold water.

Garen eating a snack instead of playing in the water behind him-

Rolling down the hills-

Garen preferred to roll his water bottle down-

lunch at the library-

Garen loved that train, but after I put him up there he heard the whistle of a real train and he thought they might start moving and started crying-

Maddie getting dizzy-

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the Teacher

We got to go with Maddie this morning to her school. There we met the teacher, saw her room, asked questions, and Maddie got tested. Her teacher is super nice (reminds me of my mom). She has been teaching for 38 years! I think Maddie will be in good hands. She can't hardly wait for school to start. Only two more weeks. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun at the Park

Today we went to Blairtown park. There they have a free pool, playground, and zipline. The kids had a blast. And it was nice to have Andy join us this time.
-Maddie going down the waterslide-

-Garen playing with the torpedo-

-Garen on the big slide at the playground-

-They both wanted Andy to keep pushing them in the tire swing-

-Maddie's favorite part is the zipline-

-Just so you know, don't go down a zipline when your pregnant. Your muscles don't work the same and squeezing your legs around a rope just does not feel good!

Maddie's getting really good at any king of monkeybars. These are the ones she'll be playing on everyday at Kindergarten-

Going down the waterslide-

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Primary Again

Andy and I got called to be primary teachers again, only this time we have the CTR 5 class-which is Maddie's class. In the past we've done Sunbeams, Valiant 11, and lots of Nursery.

We found out last night what class we would have and they needed us to teach today. Andy of course had to work so I got to go and teach on my own. But it is so fun to sit with Maddie in primary and teach her cute class!

And I just have to add something Maddie said yesterday. She was watching cartoons and I asked her to turn the TV off because it had been on to long. This animal learning show called Zoboomafoo was coming on and Maddie started to explain to me that she is the one who created this show so it was important for her to watch it. She said she made up the name and told the guys what to say and that she really did make this show. After I questioned her and look at her unbelieving she said, "mom, I really did make this show, you just weren't here when I did it." The things she'll do to watch one more show! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're Back-with lots of pictures!

We got back from our Utah trip this afternoon and it's good to be home. But I have to admit our trip went by way to fast!


We went to Andy's cousin's wedding at the Bountiful temple. It was beautiful and I'm glad we didn't miss it. We left Sara's house (about 20 min. away) at 12:30 and ran into some pretty hefty traffic. We pulled up at the temple at 1:30 the exact time of the sealing. Luckily they were running late and we made it in.

After, we went to dinner with Andy's family and then to the reception in Honeyville. The next 3 days we spent in Clarkston.

Garen and cousin Brian-


Andy and I got to escape together for a few hours. We went to the movie 'Get Smart' at the cheap theatre-I thought it was quite funny. Then we had lunch at Olive Garden and did some shopping. That evening was my nephews 1st birthday party. Maddie and Garen had 4 grandmas and 3 grandpas there. It was fun to see everyone and to watch Levi enjoy his presents and cake.

The grandparents-

Levi figuring out his cake-

5 generation picture-

Great-great-grandma pug and Maddie-

Andy and Levi-


We went to Andy's parent's church and I got to enjoy Jann's relief society lesson. It was a nice relaxing day. Andy and I made breakfast for dinner for everyone that night.

Attack on Grandpa Boyd-


Started with the Ultrasound, which I've already posted the results that show our little girl. My due date is still Dec. 18th and everything looks how it was suppose to. So my next appointment will be with my new doctor in Rock Springs.
The doctor was nice enough to print off 2 extra pictures for Maddie and Garen to hold of their little sister. Maddie loved hers and Garen crumpled his up-

Andy took Garen back to his parents for a nap and Maddie and I spent the afternoon with my friend Brenda and her kids. Later that night we went to a Clarkston town dinner and then headed to my sister, Sara's house.


First thing this morning we headed to Hogle Zoo. I think we picked the most perfect day to go. It was cloudy and a bit breezy so we didn't die of heatstroke. And we got there right when it opened so it wasn't very busy.

All the animals were out and we got to see the cat show-which Maddie sat right up front and was totally interested in everything the zookeeper was showing and talking about. We also saw an Elephant show, part of the bird show, as well as go to discovery theatre.

The kids also enjoyed the train ride and Maddie tried out their new carousel. Maddie loved the white Alligator! Garen even got brave for a minute and stood right next to it until he saw it's hand move just slightly and then it was all screams! Both the kids loved the playground there and we all really had a great time

After the zoo Andy had to go to his training for work in South Jordan. So rather than have him drive us all the way back to Sara's house in Syracuse and then back to S. Jordan, the kids and I took the frontrunner back. The kids thought it was great because they both love trains.

waiting for our ride-

Sara was nice enough to pick us up at the station by her house and then we spent the rest of the evening letting the kids play. Sara and I even got to go for a nice walk alone together after the kids were in bed.

Colton and Garen-

Abby and Maddie coloring-

The boys enjoying their bath-

find Abby-

This day I met my friend Kelsie for lunch. It was so fun to see her and her baby girl Jordyn. She came back to Sara's house with me and my best friend Carrol came. It was so fun to see all the little kids enjoying themselves. And I totally enjoyed my time with Kelsie, Carrol and Sara!
Me and Kelsie-

Jordyn and Emi-

Garen and Emi eating some fake food-

Cute Emi-

Carrol and me-

Emily and Emily-

Carrol was nice enough to trim Maddie's hair for me again and to lend me her way cute maternity clothes! Thanks Carrol!
Carrol didn't even need her scissors to cute Maddie's hair she just used her teeth-
Also that night I told Sara and Ben to go out since Sara had been taking her fair share of watching my kids. So I got to play with the 4 kids and read them bedtime stories and put them to bed while Ben and Sara enjoyed miniature golf and dinner.
playing in the dirt-


Andy got done with his 3 day training today, so he came to Sara's house to get us. The kids got to play for the morning and then it was time for us to head home.
Maddie and Abby were downstairs playing nicely and when I finally checked on them this is what we found! They had found a huge back of packing noodles and they dumped it all out and were throwing it in the air. Guess who's idea that was-of course my Maddie!
The funny thing is when we started cleaning it up I said sarcastically "good thing you guys made this mess, Sara and I had nothing to do and we really wanted something to clean up" Abby taking me seriously later said happily "good thing we gave you guys something to do!"

The girls loved playing the Wii, here they are boxing each other. (okay, Sara and I stayed up late each night playing as well)-

The kids were good on the ride home-no naps, but at least they were good. I on the other hand didn't feel so well and we had to pull over before we even got back on I-15. But we made it back safe and sound. Now we just have to unpack!