Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 weeks old and a rollin

Everett is 3 weeks old today.  I wish time would just stand still and he would stay this way at least a while longer!  I put him on his tummy this morning and a few seconds later he had rolled himself to his back!  I thought he did it on accident but he proved me wrong when I put him on his tummy again and it only took him a few seconds to roll again!

This afternoon I got to go out kid free and have lunch with my friends.  Then all 3 kids had a dentist appointment.  No cavities again and 3 very happy kids with their new toothbrushes and toys.  In the evening we met some other families at the park for dinner, dessert and playing.  It was a lovely day.  When I came upstairs to go to bed I found that the kids had made beds on Maddie's floor and all fallen asleep.  They really do have perfectly good and comfy beds.  I was to tired to move them all to their beds so I just left them on the floor.  Silly kids.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How we spent our Summer day...

I spent a lot of my day looking at this cute little guy.  I seriously can't get enough of baby Everett.
Wednesdays are writing days on the kids' chore charts, so each of the kids came up with their own short story.  Sophie's was about a fairy named Ophie and a wolf that turns into a witch.  In the end Super Sophie saves the day.  Garen wrote a very silly story about Angry birds and a boy name Nerag (Garen spelled backwards).  Maddie is still working on her story called Deep Inside a Prairie Dog Hole.
In the afternoon I took the girls plus a friend, and Everett to the Summer movie; Happy Feet 2.  Garen went to his last day of Dr. Seuss on the Loose camp.  He was excited to show us the Lorax tree cupcakes he had made and his shirt he painted.
Then we finally made it over to the library to sign up for the Summer Reading program.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At the Splash Park

Garen got to do 2 weeks of Kindergarten camp and this week he is attending Dr. Seuss on the Loose camp.  So the girls and I (and baby) headed to the splash park.

Monday, June 25, 2012

End of Tball season

 Garen had his last tball game tonight.  After the game his coach took all the boys to The Yogurt Place.

Sophie wanted to wear a pair of Garen's old sunglasses because she insists that she hates pink even though she picked out a very pink outfit to wear this morning.  She fell asleep on the way to the tball game and when  Maddie and Garen started to laugh cuz she was asleep she woke up and threw the sunglasses at them.  I love me some Sophie drama queen.

Slip'n Slide'n

Trying out Garen's Slip'n slide he got from a friend on his birthday.  The kids loved it!

A week of cousins and sisters

Mandy, Sara and their 6 kids got to my house for the end of Garen's birthday party.  The 3 nine year olds, 3 6 year olds, and 3 three year olds had a blast playing together even though there was 14 of us crammed into my house making sleeping arrangements a little bit interesting.
I took 7 of the kids to the Summer movie, Mr. Poppers Penguins
We took all the kids to the splash park for the afternoon.  Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul came.
Grandma and Grandpa took the kids on a hike and the kids went around my neighborhood picking up trash (all their idea).  The girls made up dances, the boys dressed up as iron man, spiderman, ninjas, ect., the 3 year olds jumped off the couch into piles of pillows and fought over whos turn it was to jump.
We took the kids to a swimming pool/park/zipline.  Andy's parents, grandma, and sisters family got into town and came to see Everett.
Tried to get everyone to 9am church to bless Everett,  Had 23 people over for lunch and celebrate mine and my dad's birthdays.  By Sunday night we were down to just Mandy's family and my mom.  The kids watched a movie and all slept in the family room.
Maddie and Kaisa made up a hip hop dance to show everyone, Sophie and Chloe played Santa Clause and took turn giving each other presents, Garen and Joren wrestled.  My kids were so sad to see their cousins go and there were lots of hugs goodbye.  Now time to recover from a week with little sleep.