Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maddie's school party

Garen's Kindergarten Halloween Party

Some Halloween Snacks and Stuff

With so many Halloween parties, I had to make lots of different snacks and things.  Here are a few of them-
Mandarin oranges and ghost pretzels for Garen's Kindergarten class-

 Ghost preschoolers and scary balloons all over the preschool (faces drawn by Andy)

 Halloween Chex mix for ice skating party-
 Spiders and monster mouths for princess playgroup party-

 eyeball gloop for preschool-
 Halloween pretzels for witch party and Maddie's 4th grade class-
 And I had to throw in Garen's page he colored just for fun, because he never used to like to color and he never would color in the lines so this was a great surprise-

They were taking free pictures at the library carnival, here's the one of the kids.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coolest baby around

Halloween costume number 7 for Sophie

wow wow wubsophie

Kids Church Halloween Party!

Sophie and Brooklyn, I've been babysitting miss Brooke a few times a month.  Her and Sophie get along so well!  So this morning before the preschool party we headed to the church for a little carnival for kids not in school.  (not sure why Sophie's face is so grumpy)

Figure Skating Halloween Party

The girls had so much fun at their Halloween party.  But see those treats on Maddie's plate, well they ended up in her bed later that night after she caught Sophie and Garen's flu and threw up!

Sophie Fairy and Princess Playgroup

 A lovely Sophie with a sick Garen behind her-

 Princess Playgroup Halloween Fun-

My Little Pumpkin