Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Notice anything different?

One of Maddie's friends came to school today with brand new pierced ears so Maddie came home and said can I get earrings. I figured why not, she would look way cute. So we did it, she didn't cry or even flinch, she picked cute silver flowers and was excited to go to gymnastics right after to show everyone her new pierced years!
While we were there the lady could not believe I had never pierced my ears. I've always kind of wanted to but just haven't. So at age 27 I finally pierced my ears. It was fun to do it with Maddie.

Monday, November 29, 2010

O' Christmas Tree and some pretend snow

We got our Christmas tree today. The kids were super excited to hang all the ornaments on it. I love the way a Christmas tree make a room feel more cozy and makes you smile when you see it and smell it.


I filled the sensory table in the preschool with pretend snow (it's actually really cool stuff) and Sophie cannot get enough of it. She played in it for about 2 hours tonight.

And here's Garen and Max at preschool today making 3 little pig puppets. I don't know why Garen has such a grumpy face, he really was perfectly happy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend this year. I have to say this is the first year we've really got to enjoy Thanksgiving since the first 8 year of our marriage Andy worked retail and always had to go in at 3 or 4AM to work Black Friday and even work some Thanksgiving days, making it very difficult to travel and be with family.

We left Thanksgiving morning and got to Berry and Debbie's home just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. It was very good and the kids enjoyed playing with Andy's cousins and Maddie especially loved holding the puppy.

That night we stayed in a hotel courtesy of Jann and Boyd. They messed up our room so we got upgraded to a much bigger room. The kids were overly excited about the hotel and our vaulted ceilings and echoing room. It wasn't till bedtime that Sophie decided she didn't like the room anymore and ended up sleeping with me all night (good things the beds were king sized)

Maddie refused to share a bed with Garen since he kicks so we made her a bed out of the ottomans and chair-

Friday morning Andy and I got to leave the kids with his parents and first do some black Friday shopping and then head to Salt Lake. We spent some time at the Gateway and had a very fun and yummy dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill where the servers keep coming to your table with 18 different skewers of meat, veggies, and grilled pineapple.

at the gateway-

After dinner we headed to the Jazz vs. Lakers game (I gave Andy the tickets for his Birthday). The game was so exciting and it helped that the Jazz won in the end!!! I forgot how much more fun and exciting it is to be at a live game opposed to watching one on TV.

the final score-
I guess the Jazz game wasn't enough excitement for one night cuz we caught to 11pm showing of Harry Potter. The movie was excellent just like all the others. We froze just a little bit on our 3 block walk back to our hotel at 1:30AM.

Saturday morning Andy and I headed to temple square. First we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building and watched the Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy theatre. Next we headed to the Beehive House which I thoroughly enjoyed! Brigham Young is my direct great great great Grandfather and we have his desk in my parents home. The last time I took a tour of the Beehive house was when I was in Young Women's so it was really fun for me to go back and actually listen this time. :)
the music room in the Beehive House
On our way back to Logan we stopped at Famous Dave's for dinner (another birthday request of Andy's)

When we got back to Boyd and Jann's house the kids told us about the great time they had there. That night we took them swimming at the hotel pool. Maddie got to the point where she was swimming across the entire pool on her own.

Sunday morning we joined Jann and Boyd at church had some lunch and headed home on some yucky roads. But we made it home safely with memories of a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preschool Thanksgiving

What a cute group of Indians!

We had a feast of favorites. Garen brought bananas and chocolate milk as his favorite food. He also got to enjoy everyone else's favorites of cheese pizza, strawberries and whip cream, Cinnamon rolls, pickles, and mac'n'cheese.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow

It snowed today and the didn't even blow it away this time. After church the kids were anxious to go outside and build a snowman, eat snow, and make snow angels.

They made this all by themselves-

Sophie was napping when the other two were out so she just watched it out the window when she woke up-

Princess Sleepy Head

Maddie zonked out with her princess sweat band on.


This little girl can not go an hour without me laughing at something funny or incredibly cute she does. She is such a little character with so much personality right now and when you throw that into a cute face and a little body it is sure to bring a permanent smile to your face. I love this age! I can't believe she's almost two! She can tell entire stories now, it amazes me the way she can express her self, or tell on her siblings with details.

Bowling with the Girl Scouts

Yesterday I took Maddie's Girl Scout troop bowling. It was so much fun!!! We had pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and pop, opened secret sister gifts, and then split the 14 of us into teams for some bowling. I of course got the highest score, okay I barely beat some of the girls and my ball bounced off the bumpers more than once. Maddie scored an 80. There were a few balls thrown backwards, a few balls thrown high into the sky and then bounced down the lane but mostly there was 13 little girls laughing and having fun!

Maddie opening her secret sister gift-

Also this week in Girl Scouts, we had our Green and Gold banquet. During this time Sophie ate a twix and about 3 cupcakes since that is the only way I could make her quiet and happy. Garen managed to pull down the decorations in the picture taking corner while wrestling another little boy. Each of the Girl Scouts got recognized, but I was glad when I could finally head home at 8:30pm-