Saturday, August 31, 2013

The kids played for hours outside this evening. Sophie was a completely different color when she came in and she had dirt and sand falling off of her as she walked. She was not happy about having to come in when it got dark. But after I showed her the picture I took of her all dirty she wanted me to take a smiley clean one. 

Just some end of summer playing

Friday, August 30, 2013

New bathroom

I'm so happy to have a bathroom down in the preschool now and it's all thanks to Andy. We had the plumber do all the pipping for the shower, sink and toilet but then Andy did the electrical, the air vent, the sheet rock, mudding and tapeing, the tile, and the baseboards. And now it's all ready to go with even a week to spare before school starts. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to school open house

Garen was excited to meet his first grade teacher.  He wouldn't talk to her but he was happy to be there.  Then we explored maddies new school for fifth grade. They are both so excited-and a little bit nervous to start school on Tuesday.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cool giant rainbow when I walked out of the gym tonight

I thought the picture from the fair this year looked familiar!  Exact same spot and same people, I love it!  But man how time flies!
Grandpa Paul and Maddie in 2007-

Sunday, August 25, 2013


With his bald head, his 12 teeth, his bright eyes, and his constant smile this kid is just irresistible!  He does something new everyday and is growing up so fast.  He makes everyone around him laugh with his fake sneezes, his attempts at jumping and his run away and giggle.  It was worth every minute of unpleasant pregnancy to have this boy in our lives.  


Oh sweet and sassy Sophie.  I really wish she would stay 4 years old for one more year.  I love this age!  She's so hilarious and so full of love and I'm sad this is her last year attending my preschool but we will definitely make the most of it.  I love how you can just see her kind heart through her eyes and her honest pure love.


I love that he hopped right in the tree for his turn for a picture.  He never gives us a normal picture willingly and I love his handsome little face!  He's so excited and more than ready for 1st grade.  He is so smart even if he shows his intelligence in different ways sometimes.  This kid is made of rock, Andy always teases him that he ate to many rocks cuz his stomach is rock hard.  I'm afraid for the day that his strength outweighs my own.  I love when he gets to laughing so hard that he can't hardly breathe, I love to see him happy.


My beautiful grown up 10 year old that loves to read but could spend her entire day climbing trees or catching bugs in the dirt.  Can't believe she's starting 5th grade!  She is so talented and isn't afraid to try new things.  She's a leader and knows how to get people to follow and listen to her (sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes its not).  She is smiling or laughing 95% of the time.  She is so helpful around the house and with her siblings; I would be lost without her.

My mom got some pictures of each of the kids-I love the pictures she captures!

Hangin with the Kempers

Saturday after Johana's house we got to watch Abby play her soccer game, then Sara and I got to go do a little shopping kid free, then I watched the kids so Ben and Sara could go out-since she babysit for me the night before. When they came home we got to see some excitement with the cops and their neighbors. Maddie and Abby had fun girl time alone downstairs where they slept. And Sophie wouldn't leave Colton's side. It was so great to spend time with them!  We had to say goodbye first thing Sunday morning so we could make it home for church. 


We of course had to fit in a visit to our amigos who moved to Utah from rock springs. We stayed long enough to catch up, Sophie and Samy caught snails and Ari and Maddie picked up where they left off 5 months ago.

"FUN." with Brenda

After one more quick overnighter in Burley our next stop was lunch at Brenda's house in Farmington.  It was fun seeing her and her kids again.  After lunch I took my kids to Sara's house were she was so kind to babysit all four of them while Brenda and I went to go see FUN. in concert as a birthday gift to both of us.  The concert was amazing and so much 'fun'!  We laughed, we screamed, we got smooshed in the middle of a million people, we saw a car catch on fire, a hitch hiker walking down the middle of the freeway, we saw very strange people, watched a girl faint and just had a wonderful evening.  We stopped for a very late night bite to eat afterwards and I returned to Sara's house about 2AM.