Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Grade Halloween party

Andy had a day off yesterday so I was so excited to first, go eat lunch with Maddie and her friends and second, help at her Halloween party. It was fun to talk to her friends and see Maddie in her element, even if all her best friends are boys.

And this morning the great pumpkin brought the last surprise-trick or treating bags for today!
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little miss lamb

Preschool Halloween Party

Garen had a great time at his Halloween party. He got to play games, break a pinata, decorate cookies, and have yummy Halloween snack. He got so messy decorating cookies he had to take off his costume.
smacking the pinata-

making a mess, I mean decorating cookies-

a yummy snack of fingers, green drink with eyeballs, and mummies-
pass the pumpkin-
Making Halloween bags-

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Primary Program

Our primary program was on Sunday. I never knew how much work goes into these because I've always only watched. But this year being in the primary presidency I got to be there for the weeks of practice and the work behind the scenes. Saturday was a practice program, we had 50 kids show up. We attempted to get them in their assigned seats, helped all of them say their parts, tried to get them to stand and sit at the same time to sing the songs, and after all that we had a pizza party for them. I think it was Divine intervention when Andy got scheduled off on Saturday (which rarely happens) because I don't know if I could have helped with the 16 sunbeams, picked up pizzas and dished up 50 kids while holding Sophie and dragging Garen around.
On Sunday I sat with the CTR 5 class since their teacher wasn't there and everything went smoothly.
Maddie did a wonderful job with her part and the singing teacher came up to me after and told me what a great voice Maddie has.
Andy also did great sitting alone with Sophie and Garen.

Preschool Friends

wear black day-

playing outside-

My Dumb Moment at Walmart

So I'm usually the type that keeps track of things, makes lists, and makes sure things are in order. Somehow I lost that skill at Walmart last week. Andy was home so I took advantage of being kid free to get a long list of things from Walmart. I was was in the store for nearly 2 hours. I finally make it back out to the van and I can't find my keys. So I decide to load everything (yes my doors are unlock) and then start looking for them. I open the back and hear music playing. After few minutes of confusion I realize the keys are in the ignition and the van is running! I left the van running for almost two hours in the Walmart parking lot!!! I felt like the biggest idiot. Luckily I didn't run out of gas.

But to be fair and hopefully make me look a little less ditsy I got a phone call right as I was parking-I must have been very distracted. I guess that's why it's a good idea to not drive and talk on your phone. :0

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Fun Has Begun

It's not even Halloween yet and I'm almost Halloweened out. We started our great pumpkin surprise last week. The kids love coming down in the morning to see what the great pumpkin left them in the pumpkin bags they made. So far they have gotten fun, creepy candy, Halloween shirt, socks, underwear, tattoos, pumpkin flashlights, stencils, trick or treat bags, and other little Halloween toys and treats.
Here's some other things we've done:
Carmel apples, always a fun treat to make and eat even if very little of the apple is eaten.

Sophie only got to taste the sprinkles bottle-

Carving pumpkins-

scary masks-

Andy enjoyed scary the kids with this-
fun costumes-

Garen refused to put on the spiderman costume and cried for 20 minutes when I made him put on the firefighter costume. He finally realized it's not scary.

throwing darts at the ward Halloween Carnival-

Garen and his buddy Carter-

Maddie loved being a kitty-

Sophie walked around looking adorable-
We got to have Milan over for a bit while her mom set up the party-

Maddie had a blast at Brecken's Birthday Halloween party at the bowling alley-

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Flower

My friend Nicole gave me this cute little flower costume yesterday so I had to try it on Sophie. I just couldn't get enough of her walking around in it-it was to funny.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Logan Weekend

We had a fun and busy weekend in Logan. We got to Logan on Friday afternoon (Maddie thought she was pretty cool for missing school-since that never happens). Friday night was Andy's surprise party which I already posted about.
Saturday first thing we got our pictures taken and Mack park. We did all of Andy's family, then our family of 5 and then individual kid pictures. I think they will be cute; I can't wait to get them back.
After lunch we headed to the temple with Amber and Zeb to do sealings. What a wonderful and spiritual experience we had. How grateful I am for eternal families and our knowledge of life after death.
Then we got to go see Brenda's cute new house and visit grandpa Ira in the nursing home.
Next Andy and I were excited to go on a date together (it's been awhile). First we ran a few errands alone (weird), then we went to the latest Harry Potter movie (it was even at the cheap theater because we are so late on going to see it), then we enjoyed a lovely meal at Olive Garden courtesy of my parents gift card. It was wonderful to spend that time with Andy!
Sunday we got to hear Andy's parents speak in their new ward, visit Grandma Pug and see grandma Margaret in her new place. Then we headed back home. We got here tired and unprepared for Monday morning, but it was worth it.
A moose we saw on our way to Logan-

cute Maddie in between getting pictures taken-

Sophie acting like the big kids-

sleepy Garen-

Andy's Surprise 30th Birthday Party!

This is the way Andy's 30th made him feel-

I know Andy's birthday was 2 weeks ago, but I couldn't get his work schedule and the party to coordinate until the 16th in Logan. He had no idea-he thought his birthday was long over. He's dad was nice enough to take Andy out in search of a few items at Sports Authority. When he came home the house was filled with grandparents, great grandma, aunts, his family and lots off friends!
Since the party was not at my house I had to have Andy's parents and sister help me out a ton-thanks for all the food prep and picking out the cake guys!
The funny thing is that just a few days earlier I was telling Andy he better throw me a huge party for my 30th and he said, "why would you want that?" I went through with his party anyway. I think he enjoyed it!
My camera was taking blurry pictures, but I will get some better ones from Amber and post them on here.
A shirt his sister made him, it was so funny that Andy's laughter brought him to tears-(personal joke)

Brenda made these super cute candy bars for the occasion. She has so many cute designs for all kids of events! Check her out: