Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kindergarten Program

Maddie's Kindergaten program was on Friday. It was so cute and Maddie loved singing the songs. I think she was the only girl not wearing a dress though. They never said to, but I guess other parents can send their girls in dresses for 6 1/2 hours that includes lunch and 3 recesses. My daughter would have stained and wripped it. Our neighbors Melissa and Zoe came to cheer her on. And Andy was able to take a long lunch and come for a short time.

I'm not sure why it turned out blurry because my video was fine. But I didn't want to download it on here again.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A very full day

Today was Andy's day off and we were able to accomplish quit a bit. My morning started with making breakfast and walking Maddie to school, followed by visiting teaching and then a primary presidency meeting.

During my meetings Andy and Garen worked hard outside tilling up the dirt and cutting up our Christmas tree (yes, I said Christmas tree!). Andy also gave Garen a haircut. I couldn't believe how much hair came off of that kid!
When I got home I painted the stairway (I painted the bathroom yesterday).

Andy put stepping stones in along the side of our house, which the kids are love playing on. Andy was also going to plant some grass seed on the side of the house, but ran into a small problem when our sprinkles went to turn on. While tilling up the dirt with his shovel Andy hit the sprinkler line and water started spilling out everywhere. One more trip to Home Depot (that makes three today and one yesterday) for some replacement pipe and some work to do first thing in the morning and everything will be fine.
It was really fun to have Andy home all day and the kids loved playing outside way past their bedtime with this beautiful weather.

Sophie's first ride in the swing-

we finally brought the high chair upstairs. Everyone of my kids prop their foot up there while they eat.-

Sophie is still waking up several times during the night. Her bassinet is getting way to small for her and I hate putting her in Maddie's room in crib because it takes away from Maddie's sleep and I have to walk a lot further 5 times a night. So dad and Garen took the crib apart, moved it to our room, and put it back together.-

working hard-

before the haircut-

in the middle of the haircut-

After- Maddie keeps calling him Joren and Colton, his cousins, because of the buzzed head. Garen just laughs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flaming Gorge

Andy got Memorial day off-I know crazy right, a day off on a Holiday working in retail!-it doesn't happen very often. We decided to take advantage of both Andy and Maddie being home and we headed to Flaming Gorge-about an hour from our house. It was a fabulous day! We all had so much fun. We went on trails (Maddie's favorite part), threw rocks in the water, fished, had a picnic, and just enjoyed being outside in a beautiful place all day long. The rain didn't start till about the time we were leaving, so it worked out nicely. We spent most of our time at Browne Lake-very picturesque!
Some of the places were high up, rocky, or very close to water. So with my fearless little girl running around, you would have heard a lot of me hollering out to her. If I let her, that girl would get as close to the edge as possible, or run and jump as fast as she could!
throwing rocks-

Maddie liked to find the biggest rocks possible to throw in-

Garen fishing-

Sophie even got in on some of the fishing action-

After Maddie crossed the log, I almost fell in trying to cross-

Our little rock climbing hiker; she always had to be in front leading the way-

I love this picture because it shows how many bugs there were. The camera focused on all those bugs instead of Maddie-

Happy little fisher girl-

picnic time-

Sophie was pretty good considering we were dragging her around everywhere with the sun in her eye, or the wind blowing in her face, or bugs flying around.-

Andy was skipping rocks in the water and Maddie wanted to try. Her aim was off and she ended up throwing her rock at Garen's head. Then Garen looks up in the tree wondering what hit him. Excuse my loud laughs, it was pretty funny!-


I just have to share my story from last week.

I ran to walmart to grab some things we needed. When we got there is was 83 degrees outside and sunny. The kids were in shorts and no jackets. It took us about an hour to get everything.

In the checkout line we started hearing very loud, building shaking thunder. Sophie was crying, Garen was spinning the grocery bag thing around so the lady couldn't get the stuff in the bags. Then I checked my phone for the time-3:20! I had ten minutes to finish checking out load my car and the kids and make it to Maddie's school to pick her up!

We book it to the front doors where several people are just standing there. When I got through the people, I found out why they were all standing there. It was pouring rain! I mean soak you to the bone in 3 seconds kind of rain. There was lightning and the wind was blowing like crazy. I didn't have a choice but to run for it! Of course the van was not close (it never is at Walmart). I covered Sophie with her blanket, picked up Garen and just ran. As my hair whipped in my face, my soaked shirt clung to my skin, my makeup smeared, and my flip flop covered feet dripping, we ran to the van.
It didn't stop there-we got to the van but of course I couldn't just jump in. I put the kids in, buckled them up and then proceeded to put all the bags (which were filled with water) in the back.

When I finally got in the van I felt like some one had just dumped two of those huge drink coolers on me after winning a big game. All I could do was laugh. My laughter make Garen's worried wet face turn into a smile as well.

We got to Maddie's school just in time. And of course, it was no longer raining. I got out of the van to get Maddie, who then looks at me and says. "Why are you so wet, it's not even raining?!"

Great story right-well it didn't end there. We got home and had approximately 10 minutes to unload the groceries and put them away, feed Sophie, change my clothes, and get Maddie's swimming suite on to make it to swimming lessons!
We were late, but we made it out the door. As I pulled away I pushed the button for the garage door to close, and off it goes slipping off the runners and the top corner falling in! I just drove away trying to forget about it.

Then after lessons, Garen just decided he had enough of walking. So all the way from the locker room, down the hall, up a bunch of stairs, through the front doors, down a bunch of stairs, across the street, and into the parking lot I carried crying Sophie in her car seat and 36 pound whining Garen in the other arm. Lets just say I was wet again when we got to the van, but not from the rain this time.
It was just one of those days that having 3 kids just isn't that fun.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A few things about Garen lately-

-Garen finally talked to his swimming teacher. It took three weeks of lessons and on the last day he finally talked to her and did the things she asked. He also finally got brave enough to put on a life jacket and let go of me. When he learned how fun it was to swim where he wanted to all by himself that's all he wanted to do.

-We had a new loaf of french bread that I left on the counter. I went upstairs to get Sophie and when I came back down he had it on his lap on the couch. I went to get it and realized the entire inside of the loaf was gone! Smart boy just eats the best parts.

-Whenever we go somewhere Garen grabs one of his 5 hats. Then he names that hat after the place we are going. It's his swimming hat, his girl scouts hat, his store hat, his park hat, and so on.

-Garen is very into making everything for boys. When I asked if he wanted to watch Madagascar he said he wants to watch 'boygascar.' If Maddie plays with something it is automatically a girl toy.

-Garen came downstairs and ran for his sister. He gave Maddie giant hug and said, "you're my best friend!" Garen also insists on calling Maddie, puppy. They play dogs alot, but he gets mad when we talk to Maddie without calling her puppy.

-Garen got to go to yet another birthday party. When I or anyone says, 'you'll be 3 soon, he gets mad and says I'm Two!!' There has been several of the same people at the last few birthday parties and they have given Garen the award of messiest cake eater. That's my boy!

-Garen's favorite game to play right now is the 'where's Garen Game.' It consists of me saying where's Garen while he hides in the Ottoman or behind the couch.
-One of Garen's favorite things to do right now is play the computer. He loves the Alphabet Express game the best.
-we just got this little picnic table today. We thought it would be nice with all the up coming parties and extra little kids around with no place to sit. Both the kids love it already!