Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting down the days to Christmas

The kids are super excited for Christmas. We made paper chains to count down the days. And the kids got chocolate advent calendars that start tomorrow-they can't wait to open that first little door.

We've also started creating our Nativity for kids. We made our stable and then last night the kids each picked one thing to put on it. Garen colored and cut out one of the wisemen and Maddie did the star. We talked specifically about these two things and read scriptures about them. Then we discussed ways we can be like the wisemen that brought gold to Jesus and how we can shine brightly like a star. Every couple of days we will pick more people to learn about and add to our Nativity.

The kids also wrote their letters to Santa. Maddie wants an Alligator Golf game, a guitar, and a Wii. She's going to have to be a really good girl to fulfill that list!-

Garen has the Yo Gabba Gabba characters that hook together in a train and he is really bugged that he is missing just one character. It happens to be the pink one named Foofa. To bad they don't sell it in the stores. So that is what he wants and when asked what else he wants he says, "only Foffa and her cart, nothing else!" I guess Santa has to look on Ebay and then he will be done with Garen's Christmas! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009


All of Andy's family were able to join us out here in Rock Springs for Thanksgiving! We had a great time cooking and hanging out Wednesday-Friday! Thanksgiving dinner was great thanks to everyones help. I even made my mom's famous buns for the first time and they actually turned out! The kids enjoyed being wild with cousin Levi, playing games, and playing out in the snow.

Amber was nice enough to keep an ear out for my kids while I went shopping at 4:30AM on Friday! Sophie was up from 2-3AM, then Andy got up at 3 to head to work for their black Friday sale, so I got about 3 hours of sleep. But Amanda and I had a good time and found some great stuff, it was well worth the early morning trip. Christmas and birthdays are complete for the year!

Sophie's first Thanksgiving-

Grandma and Grandpa-

This is how Andy felt about working Thanksgiving day and working in retail on black Friday-

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Saturday night we got to Burley to visit my parents and grandparents. We enjoyed a lovely relaxing weekend with my family. It was nice to see them since we will be missing out on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year thanks to a job in retail. I have tons of great pictures because my mom never misses a picture moment.

Visiting great grandpa Bruce and great grandma Dora:
Maddie looking through grandma's giant magnifying glass-

giant towers-

All the cousins will be doing the Swedish Christmas, Santa Lucia the day after Thanksgiving. Since we won't be there my mom let Sophie and Maddie dress up ahead of time. Garen wanted nothing to do with it.

getting some homework done since she missed 3 days of school-
some other fun moments-

I had to give Sophie a piece of licorice, it was the only way to make her stop crying!

Monday my friend Alisha came over (we forgot to get a picture :(). It was fun to visit with her and see her kids.
Then we headed home about 1:00. We stopped in Syracuse at Sara's house to take a little break from the car. Thanks for letting us run around your house, play the Wii, and eat your banana bread, Sara! Then we were off again. We made it to Evanston before we had to stop again to take a break and get some dinner. The kids got their wiggles out in the McDonald's playplace. Andy did a great job getting us home safely through all that black ice.

I thought it was funny as we came through the tunnel by Green River, Maddie was trying to convince Garen that it was a time travel tunnel and that we were going to end up someplace else.

I made the mistake of turning our heat off before we left and when we pulled in last night at 9pm the temperature in our house was about 45-burrrr! We quickly turned it way up and put everyone in warm PJ's for bed.
It did make me think, as I was changing Sophie ad she had a little shiver and I rushed to get her warm clothes back on, how did the pioneers do that? It was windy and about 15 degrees outside and I was sad to see Sophie cold for about 30 seconds. I can't even comprehend how awful that would be to try and keep your baby warm all night in freezing temperatures! This Thanksgiving I am thankful I can feed, clothe, and keep my babies warm!

New Moon

Friday after the funeral I was able to go out and finish up some Christmas shopping. Then we headed to Andy's friend Taylor's wedding reception. Sadly we missed their wedding ceremony because the funeral was at the same time. But the reception was beautiful and we were glad to congratulate them.
Then I got to escape and take a breather from trying to keep my kids quiet all day and from the emotional roller coaster and go to New Moon with some friends. I loved the movie and loved handing out with Brenda and some other friends I haven't seen in a long time!
Everyone was sound asleep when I got back at 1AM.
Sophie always climbs in this table at grandma Jann's house-

Grandpa Ira's Funeral

We got to Logan Thursday night in time for the viewing. Maddie was very curious about the whole thing. She wanted to know if Grandpa would still turn 92 in heaven, she wanted to know if he would be berried with his glasses in his hand and many other questions.
The funeral was Friday morning. It was a beautiful ceremony. Aunt Judy did a wonderful job with the life sketch and Andy, cousin Tyler, and cousin Matt shared some great and emotional memories.
Next we went out to the Clarkston cemetery for the grave dedication. The weather cooperated and everything went smoothly.
the program-

Andy and sister Amber saying their last goodbyes-

The luncheon was cheerful and happy as the family enjoyed being together and knowing that grandpa is in a better place and no longer laying in a bed unhappy and unable to communicate.
Tyler entertaining a wild Garen-
Grandma Margaret and her 4 daughters-

what a sweet person; grandma was pleasant and positive through the entire day. She was tired and had been through a lot that week but she continued to smile and thank everyone for everything.

The kids enjoyed being pushed around on the chair holder-