Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sophie asked Andy for a special picture and this is what she got.  Sophie dunking over her whole family.
here's another one Andy drew for Sophie

Some of Maddie's artwork

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maddie's field trip to Fort Bridger

I let Maddie take a camera on her field trip.  It was fun to look through her pictures and have her tell me about them and she took some pretty interesting videos as well.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun weekend with family in Logan.  Our first stop was the St. Charles cemetery to put flowers on Grandpa Roger's grave.  

 Garen was named after grandpa Roger's brother-
 Coming in to Logan we decided to take the kids up to Utah State where Andy and I went to college.  They loved the giant hill.

here's Andy catching me out of that exact tree 11 years earlier-

Andy and I in that exact spot on the hill in 2002-

I wonder if we ever thought 11 years ahead when we were there at age 18 and 22 that we would put our 4 beautiful children up on that A?

 The kids couldn't help themselves they just had to speed run down the hill.  Right after this picture Garen tripped and flipped about 4 times down the hill; he sat for a second then got up and kept running.

 Saturday afternoon Andy and I got to go to the temple and do sealings.  It was beautiful and peaceful and just what we needed.  
Sunday after church we took the kids out to Clarkston (minus Everett who was napping).  We visited Grandpa Ira's grave and then got to go visit with Andy's friends Taylor and his family and Robby and his son.  At Taylor's house the kids fell in love with his dogs and they played outside the whole hour we were there.  Then at Robby's house they discovered the 5 baby kitty's and did not want to leave them!
 Martin Harris' grave-
 It was so beautiful at the cemetery!-

 Maddie was excited to discover that her great great grandpa shared her same birthday-

 Andy with Clarkston in the background-

 Trying to get a picture of Garen, I may not have gotten a great picture but we did get some laughs-

 Maddie was a great helper as usual with the little boys-
 Sunday night we needed to get some wiggles out so I walked the kids to nearby playground-

 Monday morning we headed to Willow Park to see the animals-

 I caught a special brother moment, Garen really is kind and loves is brother he just doesn't want people to know it or get caught on camera doing loving things.

After the park, Andy and I got to go out to lunch just the two of us.  Love our mini dates we get to squeeze in here and there!  Then it was time for us to head home.  Of course we had to stop in Bear Lake for some raspberry shakes and to throw rocks in the lake.