Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Trick or treating it today here in Rock Springs, but we decided we've had plenty of celebrating and to much candy. I told the kids they could pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters that come to our door and they seemed pretty pleased with that.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Three wards got together for the trunk or treat and the kids got loaded up on candy! Sophie figured out real quick how this all works and filled her bag with a big smile and was dragging it on the ground saying, "heabie" (heavy).

After, we went to IHOP to get some dinner before we let them get into their candy bags.

Library Halloween Carnival

The kids got to go through all the games at the library and win prizes. Even Sophie participated this year. And they called our ticket so we won a pumpkin! Maddie picked the cat pumpkin, it was pretty cool.

Sophie wasn't sure what to do with her cotton candy-

The best group shot I have so far, and no one is looking at the camera-

The pumpkin we won-

Garen is feeling better, but this is the face he pulled the whole time we were there-

Girl Scout Party

So apparently 5 hours of Halloween partying with 18 preschoolers, 1 hour of games with 24 second graders, and an hour and a half of carnival chaos was not enough for me. I spent the next two hours at the Girl Scout Juliet Lowe birthday party/Halloween party serving spaghetti and running games.
Maddie had a blast with her friends and made some fun Juliet Lowe (founder of Girl Scouts) crafts.

Westridge Halloween Carnival

We had planned to go as a family to the Westridge Elementary carnival but with Garen being sick, Just Maddie and I went. It was a mad house!!! Maddie had only done about half the game and we had to leave for our next party!!!
Doesn't she make a cute witch-

Maddie's School Halloween party

Friday was crazy hair day at Maddie's school, so we went pink.-

So I finished my 5 hours of preschool Halloween at 2:30 and then headed straight to Maddie's school to help with her party for the next hour. It's always fun to see Maddie with all her friends in her class.

welcome to second grade games-I love how they are chanting 'Maddie, Maddie'-

Preschool Halloween

First Garen had a Halloween party at his "far away preschool" (that's what Garen calls it cuz it's not at our house). His party was on Wednesday but I couldn't go help because I was teaching my morning class. For some reason he did not have fun or at least he said he didn't and he wouldn't tell me about anything they did.
And and my preschool we had a whole week of Halloween crafts, sorting colored candy, playing in slime, etc..

Then Friday was the big Halloween party. Garen was excited to show his friend his Luigi costume and to see them in their costumes. We had a fun time playing games, decorating cupcakes, playing Halloween bingo, graphing M&M's, and making trick-or-treat bags. With about an hour left of preschool Garen was complaining about a stomach ache and was just laying on the floor. Luckily Andy was home so I just had him come down and get him and sure enough a bit later, Garen threw up-poor kid! The flu has been going around and Garen tends to catch everything! So he missed out on the homemade root beer and Carmel apples and some games.
Here's Garen's class (minus one, who was also home throwing up)-

making trick-or-treat bags-

Garen after preschool and after getting sick-
And this is my morning preschool-

Kid Discovery Day

I think we had to much Halloween this year! So many parties, so be prepared for the next several posts to be about different Halloween parties.

The child development center that Garen goes to puts on a big kid discovery day. I took the kids into the chaos; and even though I almost lost Sophie several times and Garen about pulled my pants off trying to hide behind me, it was a lot of fun. They got to do bubbles, crafts, play with magnets, play in fake snow, play with the therapy dog (not Garen), see all the firefighters, play with slime, eat pizza and big pretzels, Sophie loved the musical instrument station, and Garen got to see all his teachers there.

My camera batteries died so I used my phone-it doesn't take that great of pictures.

Sophie loved this snake! she was climbing on the table and putting her face by it and petting it. I assumed it was harmless since the guy was letting her do it, but when I asked if it bites he said he's usually pretty nice. yikes!

Maddie taking a ride on the therapy swing-

the girls loved this dog!-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

We enjoyed an evening of Halloween music and messy pumpkin guts-

Garen making a creep face-
Sophie loved scooping all the seeds out and then she picked out her own stencil and was very excited to see her pumpkin lit up.

still some in there?-

We got he kids pumpkins done and ran into bedtime so we'll get to the other pumpkin later-

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2nd grade school picture

Carmel Apples

Where's Sophie? Oh, just behind that giant Carmel apple! The kids had a blast making these tonight-

this is how you bite a huge apple when you are missing your two front teeth-