Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doctor Appointments

Garen and Sophie had their well check appointments today. Maddie just turned 6 too but since she's all done with shots and is perfectly healthy I decided to forgo paying for another kids check up.

Here are Garen's 3 year old Stats-
-Height: 37 inches (50%)
-Weight: 32 pounds (60%)

Sophia's 6 month old stats-
-Height: 26 inches (50%)
-Weight: 15.75 pounds (45%)

Even though Maddie didn't get measured at the doctor here is were she's at-
-Height: 42 inches
-Weight: 39 pounds

Monday, June 29, 2009

Making a Splash at the Splash Park

Andy was still on vacation from work today and we were actually home. It was great having him home. First I got to sleep in longer than usual, second I got to go to the gym, third we got some much needed things done (like finally get the van travel ready with 4 new tires, a new windshield, and an oil change).
In the afternoon we decided to enjoy the 85 degree weather and go to the Splash Park in Green River. The kids loved it, and Sophie even got in on the action. Garen ran around like a crazy person, Maddie made a new friend and wanted me to leave her alone, and Sophie splashed a bit and then got tired and needed a nap. It was actually very enjoyable since Andy was there to hold Sophie while I took pictures and then he could take Garen to the bathroom and play with him while I held Sophie. It is just so much easier to do stuff with 2 adults apposed to the usual 1.
Here are some fun pictures from the splash park-

Garen's favorite thing to do is step on the water hole-

wow, what's that-
This is kinda fun-

okay, I'm done-
Garen wanted me to take his picture doing or saying different things, this was him laughing-
Should I go through the water or should I stay back here nice and dry?-

Go through the water!!!-
He wasn't really grumpy, he just wanted a sad picture of himself-
Sophie liked spending her time sucking on Maddie's sunglasses-

Taking a break from the water to play at the park-

Family Reunion in Bear Lake

First think Saturday morning we loaded up the van and headed to Bear Lake for a Family Reunion with Grandma Janene's family. It was quite enjoyable. I had fun playing volleyball-good idea Amber. The food was good and the kids had fun playing at the park.

The group, I could probably name 10 0f them-

Maddie had fun playing with Andy's cousin Tiffany, They're about the same age!-
After the reunion we went to Andy's grandparents house for a bit, then stopped to get yummy shakes and headed home. It was a great weekend, but it was nice being home.


We got to Lagoon about 11am and it was nonstop fun until we left at 11pm! Once again Jann made out day much easier by taking Sophie so we could just have the 2 kids. Boyd it is the one who got us the tickets for super cheap through his work including free parking, free lunch, and free ice cream!
I can't even tell you how much fun we had at Lagoon. I was very surprised that even Garen was able to make it onto some of the big fast, spinning rides. He was to funny-Garen would just sit there hanging on and looking very serious and every so often you would hear him quietly and in a very monotone voice say "wee."
It was funny to see Maddie hoping on a big ride and saying, "does this go faster," While a ten year old girl in front of us was crying to get off. I think we went on every ride that the kids were able to get on! Maddie was disappointed that she couldn't get on one of the big roller coasters, but she was just tall enough for The Bat.
We spent some time at Lagoona beach, which the kids loved! They ran around going down the slides. Andy and I followed them around and we had some pretty good laughs as we slipped and fell on the kid slides. We relaxed for a bit on the lazy river and then I snuck Maddie on the big waterslide with me even though she was about 5 inches to short. We got out and dressed just in time-they must have seen some lightning in the distance and shut the pool down.
Andy ran to the van to put our swimming stuff away, while I took the kids on another ride. At that point it started pouring rain! We found a little pavilion to stand under-we didn't know where Andy was and there was no use calling him since he lost his phone on one of the first rides. But somehow he found us in the very crammed pavilion. It was still raining so we just sat down and watched the show that was about to start. It was actually pretty entertaining and the kids enjoyed it.
After the show, the rain had stopped so we decided to keep on going. We got on the train and several other rides. There were no longer any lines, since I think the rain scared everyone home. Maddie wanted to try out the haunted house. She saw one thing and hid her face in my arm the rest of the time-I forget how scary that must seem to a 6 year old.
Before we left we let the kids pick something out of the gift shop and then we went to grab something to eat and stopped at my sister's house at midnight-where everyone was still up.
Maddie, Abby, Garen, and Colton played like it was the middle of the day, while we ate and changed. Then we headed back to Clarkston about 1AM putting us home and to bed at 2:30AM followed by some lovely awakenings from Sophie. The kids were such troopers! It was such a fabulous day and everyone was tired, yet happy at the end of it.

In the train tunnel (I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me and this is the picture I got)-

Lagoona beach ( I only got a few pictures cuz I didn't want my camera out)-

Andy was a little bit worried about riding the Caurasel-

Garen was to funny on this ride. He was real serious and shooting the kids in front of him and say, "I shoot you first."-

Maddie was laughing so hard in the tilt-a-world-

bumper cars-

Maddie was so sweet on all the kiddie rides. She would hold Garen's hand in line and lift him into the ride, then buckle him up. It was like she was only going on the kiddie ride to sit and help Garen like a mom instead of a kid-

I asked Garen to smile instead of being so serious and this is what I got-

Again on the train I asked Garen to smile and this is what I got-

he's not in jail, just wainting in line-

Here's a couple videos. The bumper cars were halarous. Gare just figured it was like the other rides and you didn't really have to stear. So ended up spinning is circles and then getting stuck.

Thanks Lagoon for the best day ever!