Saturday, January 26, 2008


Garen is so fun in the bathtub. You can definitely tell he's a boy; beating his chest, growling, and biting, not to mention he won't sit in the tub-he has to walk around and splash. I thought I'd put this fun video of him before he gets to old for me to take pictures of him in the tub.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Girl's lunch, rough night, and new opportunities

Thursday afternoon Andy's sister, Amber and Andy's Cousin, Chelsea came over for lunch. They both brought their super cute 5 month old babies. I miss holding these tiny ones that don't scream 'No' and squirm around. Maddie loved reading stories and giving toys to the little ones. And I enjoyed the adult company. I forgot to get a good picture of us, but Maddie had the camera. Here are a few of her shots. (there were many shots of the walls and floors and other odd pictures).
baby Hannah-
baby Levi-
Maddie's feet-
Maddie's eye-
Me holding Hannah and the back of Amber's head (good job taking pictures for me Maddie :) She takes after grandma Sue)-
Thursday night about 3 AM Maddie woke up screaming!!! (something she never does). She ran in our bedroom and started to tell me something was in her room making noises and it was alive. I had put the humidifier in her room last night after she was asleep because she's had kind of a flemmy cough. So I try and tell her that it's just the humidifier in her room. But then she starts saying her legs are so hot. And I feel her head and body and she is totally burning up! I'm about to get some Tylenol when she starts to throw up yellow stomach acid. I rush her to the bathroom where she continues to throw up and then frantically has to go potty. So it was either sit on the toilet and throw up on the floor or keep throwing up in the toilet and pee on the floor. yikes! So she obviously gets put in the bath-a cool bath to try and cool her temperature. When we finally got her all cleaned up with some medicine and a cold rag; I got the thermometer out. And her temp was 102.5! She's sitting on our bed looking awful and I said, "I'm so sorry you don't feel good." And she replies "I'll be fine." What a little sweety.
There was no complaining or crying out of her at all. She ended up sleeping in the bed with me and Andy were I kept close watch on her temp. and how she was doing. (she was getting pretty silly for awhile, I'm not sure if that high temp was getting to her or if she just felt silly)
Anyway, we didn't get much sleep, but Maddie is feeling much better today.
After just a few hours of sleep, I got up to go substitute an ESL (English Second Language) class. I was so tired driving over there, but once the day started, I really enjoyed it.

Now onto the new opportunities. Andy informed me today that he received a call about some job openings with Sports Authority that they wanted Andy to think about. The jobs are in Wyoming and Colorado. Also Andy had a meeting tonight about a job with the church. We're not jumping into anything, just looking at our options and see were Andy can get the best experience and make a bit more money. We'll see where it takes us.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

USU Gymnastics

I took Maddie to a USU gymnastics meet last night. It was fun for her to see the girls on the beam and bars just like she does in her class. And she got the chance to see what she will someday learn how to do. She watched very intently and loved to cheer for the Aggies. But even more then the gymnasts she loved to which Big Blue the bull. He was dressed like a hippy and Maddie found him pretty humorous.
We had to leave the meet just a bit early so we could get back in time for Andy to go to his basketball game. His team won again and are now 3 for 3!

Big Blue-

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Tonight was the first time I let Garen really full out paint. He had a lot of fun but the end result was a huge mess. Paint in his mouth, hair, whole body, floor, table, chair, etc. I'm glad I decided to ditch his clothes before we started.

Maddie loves playing computer games. But what she loves more is when her brother watches her play. She loves to show him things and most of all they like to laugh hysterically at everything! That's one of my favorite sounds- both my kids laughing so hard at each other that they can't hardly breathe.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sweet Spirits

The last few days have been busy like always but really great!
Wednesday night, Andy was closing up The Sports Authority and something was wrong with the alarm system. They couldn't get anyone to fix it till the next morning; which meant Andy could not leave the store until it was working. So he got to pull out the cots and sleeping bags and have a sleepover in the store. Since he was there all night he didn't have to go into work on Thursday-and this gave me an opportunity to substitute.
I got to go to the special ed preschool and it was so much fun being back in with those kids that I love teaching so much! I think Andy really enjoyed his day with our kids as well. They played games, watched a movie, and they all even had a nap. (Something that never happens to me!) After Subbing it was visiting teaching then an enrichment meeting and then to Andy's basketball game.
Friday morning I got the opportunity to go sub again. This time in the severe special ed class at an elementary school. I got to take a girl that was unable to speak or to really control her body to her regular 4th grade class. Every second I was with her I realized how incredible independent and intelligent this little girl was. She would sign to me and if I didn't understand she would kind of act it out in a way that I would. I opened the door to the library for her and she immediately closed it and then worked very hard to open it herself and then hold it open for me to walk through it.
In the class they were reading scripts and acting out plays. I loved how the teacher included her and gave her a part even though most people would think it was something she couldn't do. I kind of kept my distance and let the little girl blend in with her class without me standing right next to her. At one point she was kind of stretching which doesn't look like normal stretching, more like flailing arms. The boys next to her kind of scooted further away and were snickering. Just then a girl got up from a group of her friends and sat next to this little girl, put her arm around her and said "can I sit by you." And then continued to talk to her and to laugh at the play together. I felt like an idiot because I almost started crying right then and there. I was only in this class for half a day, but saw so many wonderful things and enjoyed every minute!

I have such love for these special little spirits that come in these not so perfect bodies. I think these special kids are so good they are not here to be tested, they have already passed, they are just here to test us.
I hope so much that someday that will be Maddie in her elementary class that gets up from her giggling friends and makes life a little bit easier on these special spirits!

Just some pictures from today-
Maddie licking the beater after making cookies-

Maddie taught Garen how to climb into his crib (nothing good can come of this new skill!)-

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Andy and his friends have played in the city basketball league for the last 5 or 6 years. This season they have only played two games, but they are 2 for 2! It's a lot of fun to go watch him and hear the kids cheering him on.
Sorry the pictures are blurry, my camera is not meant for taking shots. Or maybe Andy is just so incredible fast no one can get a good shot of him. :)

Don't worry his shot went in! He's #4 on white-

Garen, grandma, and Maddie cheering him on-

I'm pretty sure he made this layup as well ;)-

Oh, and I'm sure this shot he's shooting went in too-
And if I remember correctly I think he drove in and made the basket over the tall guy-

Way to go honey!!!
I have to add, that after the game my dear husband took the kids home and put them to bed while I stayed at the gym to work out. Not only is he a basketball star, he's a great husband and daddy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A little more info.

I think it was inspired that I got so lovey and sentimental about my children this morning (on my previous post). I needed the reminder!
About 2 minutes after I posted my precious little one's pictures; Garen threw up blueberries on my white down comforter (dry clean only) and on my decorative pillow (that also cannot be washed). Pretty much the 2 things I own that can't be thrown in the washer got blue throw up all over them!
As I pulled all the covers off of my just made bed, I hear a loud noise and find that Maddie has just dumped out the entire contents of her piggy bank all over the floor.(she wanted to count it) Garen runs for the money, I take him out of the room (so he doesn't try and pull a Sara by chocking on a penny) and he throws the biggest fit and ends up dumping a huge bucket of crayons on the floor. He grabs a handful and runs down the hall ready to color on anything in site.

So now I need to go to my previous post and remind myself how fun it is to be home with my kids and enjoy their company! :)

Just some pictures of my Pride and Joy

Here are some pictures of my little ones from today and yesterday.
My friend Kelsie and I were just talking last night about how our blogs are just a big old shrine to our kids. But as mom's this is what our days and our lives consist of. And I love it!!!
I admit it is hard to find much needed time for myself. Sometimes I spend the day watching curious George, working on naming body parts, writing letters, coloring, and reading children's stories- instead of working a successful job, going to the gym, or learning a new skill. But after hearing them laugh or seeing how excited they are when they finally catch on to something we've been working on, or receiving a giant hug and kiss for no reason; I wouldn't change a single thing!
Garen learned how to put his hat on by himself-

Maddie is going to get all the guys when she grows up :)-

Daddy reading bedtime stories-

This morning Maddie got Garen his breakfast and then helped him out of his booster seat. Garen returned the favor with lots of hugs-

Maddie and her great grandmother playing with the blocks-

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Best Friends

Alisha came down to Logan yesterday and I was privileged to go to the temple with her and Troy. It was such a nice break for me to enjoy the quiet spirit and of course to see Alisha! Thanks for letting me join you two, Alisha. I miss you already.

Since I didn't get a shot of us together yesterday, I thought I'd add a couple pictures from our younger years.

I'm so glad I got to grow up with Alisha and Carrol. They have both always been there for me through thick and thin; and they are still my very best friends today-I think that's something special! Thanks guys and love ya! Hope you enjoy a look back into our past :)
Me and Alisha on Halloween-

Me and Alisha on our first day of school-

Me and Carrol as grapes in the grapevine-

Carrol and Emily, we're pretty happy about getting our picture taken-

Second grade, see if you can find Carrol, Emily and Alisha-
Carrol and Emily, the two most prettiest girls :(-

Thanks for supporting me girls-

Friends forever-

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A few new things this week.

First of all Garen went to nursery on Sunday and stayed in nursery without crying for the last hour and 15 minutes!!!! This is huge progress for Garen, because he does not like people in general and he does not like being left. There is one guy in the nursery that Garen has attached himself to, so that helps. Thank goodness they call men to be in the nursery these days!
It was nice to have Garen stay so that Andy could come help me try and teach a lesson to our five brand new sunbeams. We had some crying at first but once we whipped out the play dough all was well.

Instead of 'cheese' I had them say 'I am a child of god.' They weren't quite done saying it when I took the picture. :) Here are 4 of the kids, at this point we had lost one to a wet accident.
On Monday, we bought a new van. Andy and I finally felt good about the same van and went ahead and brought it home. It's a Chrysler Town and Country Lxi (white). It's used, but new to us. We love it and are very blessed to have found something so perfect in our price range (since we weren't planning on buying a new vehicle).

When I had Maddie in the van, she said "I feel like we are at grandma Sue's house because we are riding in a van." (She loves riding in grandma's van). She also said, "this is kinda like a house in here." I guess our old car was a little more crammed then I thought, since Maddie thinks this car upgrade is comparable to a house!

Tuesday I had fun substituting first grade and then resource. I came home and Andy had the kids outside with him all bundled up and playing in the snow. What a good daddy!
Most kids like to build forts/castles to play in. Maddie rather build it then destroy it, then build it again-
And then Tues. night me and the kids got to go watch Andy play his first city league basketball game this year. They won in overtime by 3! After the game the kids got to play ball with us for a little while.

when there was a timeout or half time, Garen was right there on top of Andy ready to play some ball with him-
Then today we got a ton of snow, but were to busy to go play in it. (we've got tomorrow) The morning started with Garen waking us up nice and early. I went to the gym, showered quickly, got Maddie to ballet a few minutes late, lunch, Garen's nap, Preschool, my doctor's appointment. Then pickup Maddie from babysitters, dinner, play, cleanup, bedtime routine, and now I am here on the computer.
Maddie's ballet class has increased from 5 girls to 11. Maddie loves the extra friends and the extra giggles. Maddie's ballet teacher is so good with this large group of 4 year olds and I just found out the teacher is about 17 weeks pregnant!
I'm excited for a mostly uneventful day tomorrow, so me and the kids can play in the snow followed by cartoons and hot cocoa.

Friday, January 4, 2008


This afternoon me, Maddie, grandma Jann, and great grandma Margaret went to Enchanted. The movie was very funny and all of us loved it. It was fun to have the grandma's join us. Before the movie Maddie was upstairs in the bathroom for a long time. When she came out, she proudly showed me how well she did her hair. She was so happy with her hair that I let her wear it like that to the movies. I few people took a second look at her, but just smiled. After a group of young girls were looking at her, Maddie's Great Grandma said to her "when those girls get home tonight they are all going to do their hair like yours." It was an enjoyable time. We need to have family girls night out more often!
Maddie's beautiful hair-

Hardware Ranch

Yesterday we took the kids to Hardware Ranch to see the Elk. It's a place up Blacksmith Fork Canyon were they feed the Elk to try and prevent them from going down the mountain and eating people's crops. It was a lot of fun. We took a sleigh ride right through the middle of the 500 elk and got to hear the babies talking to each other, and see the large Elk butting their antlers together, and see a baby feeding off his mom. It was really cool. I've never seen so many elk up close before. The kids really enjoyed it as well. Maddie thought the ride was the best and Garen kept pointing and laughing at all the elk.
The ride to and from the Ranch was just beautiful. And on our way home we spotted about 15 deer.
When we got back into town the kids were hungry and we were still a ways from our house so we stopped at McDonalds (something we rarely do). The kids had fun playing on the play place (which I'm sure is filthy).
When we got home we quickly changed into our swimming suits and all went to the near by High School for a little swim. Since it is a lap pool, the water is a bit cold. This didn't bother Maddie one bit, but Garen was not happy. After about 20 minutes, Garen was still not having fun so Andy took him and they went to the gym to watch a basketball game. Maddie and I stayed for another hour and had a blast. Maddie's always been a little to afraid to jump off the diving board, but I convinced her to this time. After she jumped off once, she wouldn't stop. She probably did the diving board about 25 times; and towards the end I didn't have to catch her. We played all kinds of games and she was sad when we had to get out, but it was getting late! It was so nice to have Andy home for a day and to be able to spend the day as a family doing fun and exciting things!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year everybody! I cannot believe it is already 2008. This whole year has just flown by. I am excited to start a new year out fresh with new goals and resolutions. My overall goal is to make this year better then the last; and last year was pretty darn good! :)
We celebrated the New Year with friends, Blain, Britney, and Avery out at their house in Hyrum. We had tons of good food and enjoyed playing ping pong, Wii bowling, boxing, and guitar hero.
We turned the Wii off just in time to see the ball drop. Both Maddie and Garen stayed up the whole time and were actually quite pleasant and enjoying themselves. Maddie didn't want to look up from her movie to see the ball drop (she didn't think it was very cool). And Garen just wanted to drink Andy's sparkling cider. We got home and put the kids in bed at about 1 A.M.
Playing the Wii-

Maddie with her messy face from all the yummy treats we had-

Garen taking a little break- (I kept finding Garen on Blain's lap, and for those of you that know Garen, that's a big deal! Garen doesn't warm up to people very easily, but he liked hanging onto both Blain and Britney. It was a nice change for me to not have to have Garen clinging to me the whole night.)

"What's the big deal about 2008?"-

Happy New Year!!!