Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maddie's Soccer Pictures

Garen's Soccer Pictures


Of course the first part of our Saturday was spent at the soccer fields starting bright and early with Maddie's game at 8am.  But the early hour didn't affect her on the field and she even scored a goal.  It was fun to have grandma and grandpa there to see all three kids play their games.

After almost 4 hours at the fields we headed to Golden Corral for lunch.  Everett was pretty happy with his buffet of different foods even though it was way past naptime.  And the kids grabbed a cotton candy to take home-I think that is the only reason they like Golden Corral.

After lunch an afternoon nap sounded great but instead we cleaned out the garage, the kids washed the cars, we made a run to the Goodwill to drop off some stuff and a run out to the dump to get rid of some stuff.

Then Andy and I got to go enjoy the Adult Session of Stake Conference while Grandma Jann babysat the kids.
I'd say it was a pretty good Saturday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Everett's first sucker

During the carnival, Everett was getting a little fussy and tired of the stroller but once he got his hands on a wrapped sucker he was super happy.  Then he found out what true happiness was when he got through the wrapper to the actual sucker!  When we got home we had one sticky baby!!!

Westridge Carnival

The kids had a blast at their school carnival tonight and it was an extra treat to have grandma Jann and grandpa Boyd join us.  The kids got to tape their principal to the wall, throw pies at the school counselor, do all kinds of bouncy houses and bouncy obstacle courses and the girls got their hair colored with hair chalk.

What?! Swimsuits?

It was only a couple days ago we watched snow fall to the ground and it was just to dang cold to go outside even with your winter coat on.  But today the kids were in their swimsuits with the sprinkler under the tramp. Who know what's going on but we'll take it!  Here's to our first warm soccer game tomorrow!!!

The girls had their last day of figure skating this week until it starts up again in the Fall

Where's Sophie? In the cupboard of course!