Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lego club and summer reading

The kids completed their second chart of 1000 minutes of reading this summer and were thrilled with their robot arm prizes and magnet drawing boards. Also while at the library they participated in Lego club. 

When Everett sees himself he says "that's you" since that is what we say to him. It's pretty funny. -

Harry Potter Camp

Maddie and Garen have been doing Harry Potter camp all week and they love it!  Some of their favorite things about camp:
-receiving special owl mail the week before camp
-having to enter through door 9 3/4
-being sorted into houses, they both got hufflepuff and they were both glad they ended up in the same house
-they made their own wands
-made chocolate frogs
-made posions 
-played a quittich tournament. 
-all the kids contriputed to an ongoing story and garens sentence said "and hermionie turned into a boy"
-made up a mythical creature 
-playing capture the flag
-Magic tricks
-celebrating Harry Potter's birthday 
-Harry Potter jeopardy and scene it. 

All that and they even had to miss the last day. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Splash Park, Harry Potter Camp, Volleyball, Fishing with friends, Late night outdoor movie

Awww Summer! Today we got to eat lunch at the park and spend a few hours at the splash park.  Maddie and Garen got to go to Harry Potter camp, I got to play volleyball.  After dinner our family got to meet the Hales and Owens for a little fishing and playing, then we got to end out night at the Smith's house watching a movie outside till 11pm.  Such a fun summer day!  Even got to squeeze in corebar at the gym and home depot and grocery shopping plus got some flowers planted.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bear Lake Camping Weekend

Since Andy had to work and then he had a fishing day planned with his friend Taylor the kids and I left Friday morning for a weekend Bear Lake adventure.  Some of the highlights:
-playing with 40 of their friends at the lake the entire day
-building sandcastles and moats
-riding in the boat
-Maddie and Sophie tubing for the first time
-The epic tube ride Megan and I went on (my arms are still sore)
-Everett getting car sick and puking on everything
-Everett's first camping trip
-My first time ever camping alone with the kids
-late night outdoor movie
-hours of playing in the campsite creek which led to dozens of mosquito bites even with regular bug spray application
-The 6 person metal swings (Garen's favorite)
-And a hilarious attempt of 6 of us moms trying to swing
-clay pigeon shooting competition
-Maddie's first time shooting a pistol, I got to shoot too
-Sophie carrying around a dead butterfly all day trying to find a special place to put it
-Maddie and Kennady made a music video-yes even that can be done in the woods
-Everett snuggling up close all night to stay warm.
-Sitting in camp chairs for hours at a time talking with good friends

Maddie's legs after camping-