Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garen's Gymnastics Performance

gymnastics has been a really good thing for Garen. He loves it and it helps get some of his energy out and helps him follow directions better.

Sophie's gymnastics performance

Sophie stood on the side and copied what all the gymnasts were doing. She can't wait to start gymnastics, to bad she has to be 3.
Everytime I tried to take pictures of Maddie or Garen, Sophie would step in front of the camera and say "no, picture of me!"

Maddie's Gymnastics Performance

Maddie did great with her beam, floor, bars, and vault. We were a little disappointed because her routines were to easy because she missed the testing day to move up way back in December and they wouldn't move her up. But she still had fun! And she can start the pre-team level next session.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Day Brightener

She screamed when I tried to put pants on her this morning. This is the outfit she picked. I love my little princess!

day brightener

Andy surprised me with these flowers yesterday just for fun. Now even though it is cold and windy outside I just look at my flowers and they make me feel more like it's spring.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Practicing for her Gymnastics performance

You've Got to Be Kidding me!!!

When will the snow, wind, and cold finally end!!! We are desperate for some nice outside time! Its getting pretty sad that Sophie begs to play at the playground while Maddie practices Softball and she doesn't even care anymore that it is 36 degrees and windy, she just wants to play outside.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. In Sacrament meeting the kids got to sing with the Primary. Garen didn't sing but made faces. Then Sophie tried to go up there to be with her siblings and Garen yells down, "no Sophie you can't come down here." And it ended with Garen grabbing his friends face a little to hard trying to whisper something in his ear. By the time the primary kids were done singing Andy and I were laughing and a little red faced.
It was so nice to go to Sunday School with Andy (something I haven't done in years) Then have a lovely lesson in Young Womens. It's so nice to be reminded of that ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ that answers our question is there life after death. Yes, and we can live with him again and be perfect through him! I feel truly blessed to be a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And extremely grateful for the Atonement so I can repent for my daily wrong doings as an imperfect person.

These are the best pictures I got of the kids right before church-

When we got home we were changing our clothes to head to our friends house for Easter dinner and when we came done Sophie was zonked on the couch. I guess all the Easter excitement and no nap made her a very tired girl-

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Baskets

The kids were so excited to find their Easter baskets this morning!!!

They are all wearing their new PJ's from Grandma Jann and Grandpa Boyd-

Playing with he new Mario Kart pull back cars-

coloring and cats and dogs all of Maddie's favorites-

playing bunny tic-tac-toe

Sophie excited about her flip flops-

Sophie saying "princess"

Egg dying, Egg hunting, and Grandparents

Our ward Easter dinner and egg hunt was really fun this year. I have no idea where Garen was during this time bu the ended up with some eggs so it did okay-

Saturday Andy's parents came for the day. We had an Easter egg hunt and colored eggs. And the kids got some fun stuff from Jann and Boyd. In the evening Grandma even came to the movie Rio with us.

Sophie making a mess and cracking eggs because she won't let anyone help her-


Spring break is here, it's only Friday and Monday, but I'll take it! It's so nice to have a couple of days with my family without school and other activities! Friday I took the kids to McDonald's to meet some of our friends (it was to windy to go to a park) and play while Andy got some sleep. After about 2 hours and McDonald's and a giant ice cream mess by Sophie we came home.
Then Maddie and I got to go to the mall together for a little shopping.
Later in the afternoon we took the kids bowling. They all had a lot of fun. Sophie refused help as usual and the workers had to keep going to get her ball that would stop halfway down the lane.

After bowling I got to go to Zumba. It was a perfect day off!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Favorite Moments Today

Garen sat on the counter this afternoon helping me make a cabbage, tomato soup. He helped measure everything and dump it all in. We laughed about silly things and talked about the Resurrection and Easter. When the food was all made he randomly came up to me and gave me a big old hug!

Garen's new favorite thing to do is get two totally different books and intertwine the pages then have me read it making a very silly mixed up story. I read him one today and neither of us could stop laughing. I love Garen's uncontrollable happy laugh!

At bedtime Sophie was in her crib and asked for a hug and a kiss, I gave her one then she said with a shy little smile "one more", I gave her one more and then she continued over and over again, "one more." Soon Maddie and Garen joined in on giving her hug after hug. I stepped back for a minute and took in the sweet mental picture of Maddie standing on the edge of the crib leaning over squeezing her little sister and Sophie softly patting Maddie on the back.

Today was a good day!

GS Games from Around the World

Tonight at Girl Scouts we explored fun games from, Zimbabwe, England, Sudan, China, and USA. Maddie's favorite was the Chinese Jumprope. I remember playing this all the time with my sisters, so if was fun to teach it to Maddie and the girls! What I didn't expect was how difficult it would be to track a decently priced one down! I guess they don't make them much anymore. We had a lot of fun, even Sophie and Garen joined in.

And I was a bit surprised when I came outside after Girl Scouts and saw a rain/snow mixed blizzard! The kids just wanted to run around in it-Garen especially was very excited until he realized how soaking wet he was!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


At the library-

Sophie has been more involved with preschool lately, she just jumps right in and does what the preschoolers are doing (she just makes a little bit bigger mess) and luckily the preschoolers like her and always want to help her do stuff.

She always seems to know when its snack time or their are treats involved and that's when she shows up from upstairs to join in!

We are at the Rec center a lot, when we drive up Sophie always calls it "my Rec. Center" and is very upset if Maddie or Garen try to argue with her or if they push the handicap button that opens the doors instead of her. She spends about 4 hours in the day care there a week while I work out, then we go for Ice skating, Garen's gymnastics, Maddie's gymnastics, and playgroup, not to mention when we go swimming or to play basketball for fun. Here's Sophie in the playplace in a house they built-

Sophie is at such a FUN stage. She is full of silly things to say, and tons of hugs and kisses for everyone!