Monday, September 22, 2014

Maddies foot and garens head

Maddie had been complaining about foot pain on and off for as long as I can remember. More recently it was getting so bad she could walk after trying to play half a soccer game so we finally went in to get it checked.
So Maddie missed the first part of school and we went to our family dr who took x-rays. Later the dr called satin he thinks there could be a small fracture or arthritis and referred us to the foot specialist. So in the afternoon I went got Maddie out of school again. And just as they were taking her back to the examination room I got a phone call from the nurse at westridge. 
Apparently garen ran under the low end if the playground and I guess forgot that he  had grown and he ran right into the bottom of the metal stairs making a few gashes in his head. 
So I left Maddie aline to get yet foot X-rayed again and headed to pick up garen. I then brought garen, bloody icepack and all, back to Maddies appointment with me. 
Through X-rays and rating her pain in different places and talking about her history they said she has tarsal coalition. Pretty much 2 bones are connected with cartilage that shouldn't be and it causes pain. Surgery is the only real fix in this situation. 
Sometimes we go a whole year without a dr appointment and today Maddie got 2 very expensive ones in one day. Glad we know what the problem is, now to get it fixed...
After our long unexpected afternoon I had to ( gratefully) cancel my 2 soccer practices. 
Ps.  We tested garens pupils and quizzed  him and he seemed to be all there an since his gashes were covered by his hair  we figured there was no need for stitches.

The day after Garen's playground incident, he drew this at school showing what happened-