Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twenty year difference

Me age 7-

Maddie age 7-

I just need to give Maddie a bad perm and we would look the same!

End of T-ball season

Maddie had her last T-ball game this week. She did awesome. We got there late because we couldn't find Maddie's mit. I finally found it shoved under Maddie's bed with all kinds of dirty clothes and toys (she was suppose to clean her room earlier in the day, I guess that's where she put it all). When we finally got to the field Maddie ran to her team and as I was getting Garen and Sophie out I noticed Garen's pants were wet! So I buckled them back in, drove all the way back home and changed Garen's pants. By the time we got back I had missed over half the game.
I did get some pictures of Maddie playing pitcher, I love how big the catcher stuff is on her-
Garen waiting for the game to end-

Sophie cheering for her sister-

Friend Birthday Party for Maddie and Garen

Today we had a combined birthday party for Garen and Maddie. I know their birthdays were a few weeks ago, but we were waiting for good weather so we could have it at the splash park. It went really well. We passed out 28 gift bags cut up 2 watermelons, served 48 Popsicles and passed out about 30 Gatorade's. Maddie and Garen had a great time and got some really fun presents from their friends!

Max and Garen-
Sophie enjoyed eating tons of watermelon and popsicles-

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Sand Dunes

We heard of these great sand dunes just north of Rock Springs and we thought we would go for a nice drive and check them out on Sunday evening. They really were amazing, just these huge sand dunes out in the middle of nowhere and sage brush. The kids thought it was great to take their shoes of and just run through all that sand. And the sunset was beautiful.

Boar tusk butte-

sand angels-

I love Andy's face in the backround trying to get the sand out of his shoes-

Date Night

My wonderful friend Amanda insisted that Andy and I go out and she took all 3 of my kids for the evening. First Andy and I hiked up White Mountain for just over an hour. We hiked into the Rock Springs waterfall (more like the Rock Springs trickle). It was nice to explore a little bit of the Mountain next to our house.
The waterfall is behind us-

This is what Rock Springs looks like from White Mountain-

After hiking we had a lovely dinner at Bonsai. It was very yummy!!! Thanks Amanda for taking my kids!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Neighborhood Bikers

I had 3 extra kids at my house for the evening yesterday. I took all 6 of them out to ride bikes and within minutes we had attracted the whole neighborhood. (I know the pictures are bad, I took them on my phone). I love how Sophie is on a giant scooter in the group picture.

Hailey and Sophie loved hanging out int he Princess convertible-

Seeing about 15 other kids riding, Garen decided he wanted to give his bike another go-

Andy was running from Garen and the game caught on and he was soon being chased by 6 or 7 of the neighborhood kids. He eventually went down.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More Summer Fun (aka Summer Maddness)

Everyday so far this Summer has been jam packed with parks, pools, ice cream, camps, and fun. Here's a few pictures-
We headed to the free bounce houses and slides for Flaming Gorge days. The splash park was a nice way to cool off on this super hot day.
Also that morning we started with visisting teaching then headed straight to Green River. It wasn't till we got out of the van that I realized Garen was missing shoes. So I carried him on my back and pushed Sophie in the stroller. Next Garen was about to pee his pants so we headed to the port-a-potty which was a huge fight because he was terrified to sit on that toilet and ended up peeing on everything! After that I realized I forgot the sunscreen and the morning continued in this manner including me smacking my head on a metal beam at the playground.
Most of my pictures were of Sophie because Maddie wouldn't hold still long enough and Garen refused to get wet or go down the big slides.

Also this week Maddie got to go to Reading Rocks each morning and read stories and do activities about the books. She came home with all kinds of art projects about dinosaurs, space, bugs, snakes, etc. She loved it!-

Another day, another splash park-

What's Summer without a little ice cream!-

The kids love going to the Summer movie each week. This week they laughed at Alvin and the Chipmunks 2-
One thing I could do without is the neighbor kids ringing my doorbell and knocking 20 times a day to see if Maddie can play. I resorted to a big red sign that says No Knocking, Maddie and Garen cannot play-apparently the neighbor kids can't read because it still continues.