Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures taken today.  We won't get them back for a couple weeks but after our professional photos I took a few since we were all dressed for the occasion.  Garen was not cooperating very well during the family photos so I tried to get some decent photos of him after.  I may have told him he couldn't go to the movie with his friends if he didn't give me a nice smile-and he gave me one-   

 Sophie super cute and happy even though she got sick yesterday in UT with Andy and came back late last night and then fell asleep in the van before pictures.

Wild Horse

Maddie and Garen came running in the house yelling, "there's a horse outside!"  I went to look and sure enough there was a wild horse at the Elementary school.  There we police officers there although they were staying in their vehicles and just following the horse.  Don't know what they would have done if they caught him anyway.  The horse made his way over right in front of our house.  We watched another guy try to catch him but the horse got away.  Pretty exciting evening for the kids at our house!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing with the neighbors

This is one of Maddie's best friends.  They play almost everyday.  They spend their time catching lizards, filling an entire aquarium with ants, catching grasshoppers, running a taxi business with the wagon, and a bike wash business.  They walk to and from school together everyday.  They ride bikes together for hours and plan shows they want to put on YouTube.  Sadly Dylon and his family are moving to Australia in a couple weeks-I don't know what Maddie is going to do without him.   
 And Garen has a fun time playing with Dylon's younger brother Preston too-
 And there is another neighbor boy that Sophie has become fond off.  She bosses him around and makes him be her puppy and he always plays it.  And I have never seen this kid with a shirt or shoes on!

Everett likes to just watch all the crazy neighbors
and I can't stop kissing him 

Soccer Games

Saturday Maddie and Garen had their first soccer games of the season.  Maddie played awesome and was easily the fastest girl on the field.  I didn't get pictures of Garen for several reasons.  Garen was being very hesitant to play so I was trying to help him and Everett had woken up by then and was not very happy about not being fed right away, and Andy was working overtime so was unable to come to the games.
 Love the ponytails flying up in the air-

 Maddie has the pink cleats-
 This is how Garen played most of the game although he did kick the ball twice.  Love how patient his coaches are with him.  At the end of the quarter Garen's coach says, Great job Garen, you didn't let anybody by you that whole time!  Even though Garen mostly just stood there-

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Proof of how wonderful of a baby Everett is.  During the 4 hours of preschool he just sat quietly and smiled at everyone that passed by him, or he slept in the midst of musical instruments and the hokey pokey!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Preschool Fun with Sophie

Love having her in my class!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vernal Weekend

Friday after school we headed to Vernal, UT.  Our ward's temple time was scheduled for Saturday morning at 8:30am so we decided to go the night before and just make a fun weekend out of our temple trip.  The kids loved swimming in the hotel pool!  Saturday morning we were up super early for breakfast and then to head to the temple.  The kids went to the church next to the temple were there were some babysitters.  
Andy and I had never been to the Vernal temple before.  It was so different from the other temples but equally as beautiful!
After the temple we headed to a nearby park where all our ward members had lunch.  The playground was huge and all the kids had a blast!  From the park we headed to Dinosaur land and the Hansen's got to join us.  The kids loved all the dinosaurs and interactive activities.  After Dinosaur land we finally headed home and all 4 kids slept the entire way!

I forgot to bring the stroller or Rhett's sling so Andy was a trooper and carried him in his carseat the whole time-

At the temple-