Friday, July 29, 2011

Cake Decorating Camp

Maddie got to go to Cake decorating camp all this week. They decorated cookies, cupcakes, and brought home a whole cake on the last day. They also got to go to the Walmart bakery and watch them decorate cakes there. She loved it!

Her cake has a dog, a bone, a heart and a star on it-

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pirate Camp

Garen finished his week of Pirate Camp today. He had a good time painting treasure chests, playing games, making pirate ships, decorating pirate cup cakes, and other fun pirate activities.

Slip n' Slide

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Summer playing

This afternoon we headed to the Green River splash park. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain when we got there. Amanda and I would not be discouraged-we took the kids to the museum to wait out the rain. It paid off, cuz the weather was great once the storm passed.

Garen doesn't always enjoy outside activities so it makes me happy to see him so happy playing outside-

Sophie had a fun time chasing birds and sliding with Jayli-

Monday, July 25, 2011

Today Maddie started cake decorating camp and Garen started Pirate camp. As soon as they were done we headed out to the Summer movie. After enjoying 'Hop', I had a moment to go by some birthday presents (we have had 3 birthday parties in the last 3 days). Then we headed to the park for Dayton's party. It was another wonderful Summer day!

Carter, Max, and Garen-

Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 Generations

This picture is from a few months back that I forgot about. It's five generations starting with great grandma Erma Pugmire, Grandpa Roger Pugmire, Boyd Pugmire, Andy Pugmire, and then my 3 kids.


Saturday night we went fishing with friends. It was a beautiful evening and the kids caught lots of fish and crawdads.

Sophie and Kasen would pretend this rock was a slide-

Maddie catching a fish-

The kids watching Andy put worms on-

My friend Amand snapped some pictures of me with the kids, I guess she noticed that I'm never in any of the pictures cuz I just take them-

End of Soccer Camp

The kids learned so much at soccer camp and had a great time. I was grateful for Jann and several of my friends for taking the kids to and from camp while I was gone.

I love listening to their accents and its also pretty funny to watch Garen pick up his ball and run because he didn't want him to steal his ball!-

Girls Camp

I got to go to the last 3 days of Girls Camp with the Young Women last week. I loved Girl's Camp when I was a teenager and this year as an adult it didn't disappoint! I experienced all the the same things I did as a teen. Cried a little, laughed so hard my face and sides hurt, could smell myself from lack of showering, was running on no sleep, got bit by mosquitoes, had late night talks around a campfire, was spiritually uplifted, and bonded with the leaders and the girls.

I was so grateful to Andy's mom for watching my kids so I could go! Sadly I didn't take any pictures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soccer Stars

It made me so happy today to see my little timid Garen jump right into the group this morning and play his little heart out! And Maddie proved to be a mean defending machine today.