Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday-Garen's cousins

Garen-1 month, Joren-7 months, Colton-3 months

Colton, Garen, and Joren-Age 3

I love that my kids have cousins their age and I love that my sisters and I all had our kids together. But my do they grow fast!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Ponytail and an Unhappy Girl

It hadn't even crossed my mind to put Sophie's hair in a ponytail because she has so little. But Andy and Sophie were hanging out together while I was teaching preschool, during that time he laid Sophie down for a nap and he went to work. Later when Sophie woke up I was surprised to see a little ponytail on top of her head. All I could do was laugh; laugh about the funny little ponytail and laugh that Andy is the one that put it in!
Keep in mind Andy is the man who claims he does not know how to dress Maddie or Sophie and has no idea how to do Maddie's hair. I think I've underestimated him! :)

This week has been rough for Sophie, she's not sleeping well, she's teething and yesterday her little sore bum turned into the worst diaper rash I have ever seen!

Do you love the sweater and leg warmers with no diaper!? I was trying to give her some relief from the diaper and keep her warm at the same time-

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girl Scout Swimming

I took 11 Girl Scouts (and Garen) swimming last night. It was loud, it was crazy, but it was mostly fun!

Wii Ballet

Maddie got home from ballet and thought she needed to do a little Wii bowling before she changed. I thought it was funny how she bowled like she was dancing.

Feeding Herself

I finally got around to handing the spoon over to Sophie. She caught on really fast and does pretty well. Then she get tired of trying to scoop it and just sticks her hands in. If you look closely you can see Sophie's black eye she got from tripping and hitting her cheek on the baby table.

And this is the end result:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

How funny and scary is that. Maddie at 2 1/2 years old dug this ugly thing out of my parents basement to come scare us.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Ice skating Fun

Andy joined in the ice skating fun when he got off work

This is Maddie and Israel. Maddie told him at school that she would be skating tonight and he begged his mom to bring him. These two have been best friends since the beginning of Kindergarten. So Maddie had a fun time skating with him and his twin brother.

Andy jumped in to keep Maddie away from the boys-

it didn't work-

Maddie finished up this session of skating lessons and moved up to the next level. She loves her two teenage boy coaches. She thinks they are so funny.
poor boy, Maddie just talks his ear off the whole time-

Ice skating with Grandma

My mom grew up ice skating in Minnesota and with Maddie in ice skating lessons my mom thought it would be fun to take Maddie skating. Maddie loved skating with her grandma Sue and my mom did great!

Visit from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul

My parents came Tuesday -Thursday this week and we loved having them. Our time with them included:
-playing the Wii
-lots of help with the kids
-my laundry all washed and put away
-my dishes done
-playing games with the kids
-My mom helping with the preschool
-bedtime stories with the kids
-mom joining me at lunch group
-ice skating (in the next post)
Thanks for coming out here mom and dad and for all the help!

Girl Scout trip to the Dentist

I took the Girl Scout troop to a dentist in our ward on Tuesday where Dr. Hunsaker did a wonderful job teaching the girls about taking care of their teeth and showing them all the parts of the dentist office. Maddie came home with a new toothbrush, flossers, a mouth mirror, a timer, and a ring. All the girls loved it!

in the waiting room-

First Grade Frenzy

Two days last week I got to substitute Maddie's first grade class! It was so much fun! The kids were great and I got to see Maddie all day long.
I would sit with Maddie at lunch and watch 3 boys fight over who got to sit on the other side of her and watch all the kids eat out of the side of their mouths since they were all missing front teeth.
I got to hear everyones daily stories about home and things they were doing and have lost of hugs and compliments from the little girls.
Maddie loved that she got to come early with me and help set up and them stay in the classroom after and clean up-she acted like she was the teacher trying to take care of everything and bossing everyone around.

Maddie's GS trip to the Police Station

I took Maddie's troop to the police station last week where they got to see the indoor shooting range, meet the detective, see where they keep evidence, the holding cells, go in the 911 dispatch room, and get a big bag of Rock Springs Police Department items. They had a great time and I learned a bunch too since I've never been in a police station before.
I did have to carry Sophie around the whole time and she wasn't very pleasant with her sore vaccination legs and her lack of sleep-but we survived.

One year Checkup (at 13 months)

Sophie cried the minute the nurse came close to her and all through her appointment. She got 5 shots and was not happy about it. Her stats came in at:
20.2 pounds (26%)
29 inches long (28%)
So she's not my 99% chunky baby anymore, she is now finding the same percentile line that Maddie is on and has been on since she turned one.
Besides Sophie's little dry cough and clear runny nose caused by her mild asthma she looked perfect!
The shots and the long day made her a very grumpy girl later that night at Girl Scouts...

Life without a computer!

I never realized how fully I depend on my computer for everything until the poor thing was infected with viruses and I was left without! Now my computer is back to me again and I can google information, print out preschool stuff, blog, check my email, and pay my bills again. It only took a week, $90, and my hard drive being swiped clean! In the process one of my 200 page blurb books was lost and a few others but most of my stuff survived.
And now I feel complete again with my trusty computer up and running!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Fluffy Skirts

Maddie and Sophie were thrilled to get a Christmas package in the mail from my sister Amanda with some super fun skirts, headbands, and fairy accessories in it. Maddie wanted very badly to wear her skirt to church and they looked so cute I had to take some pictures before we left-

Garen wanted in on the picture fun-

I had to throw this one in just for fun-the classic push my brother away I want mom look.