Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rock Springs Parade...

Only in Rock Springs would someone like this be walking in the parade passing out flowers! I love the added touch of flowers she put in her dress! I wish I would have got a longer shot, the dress was really short and she had on high heels.

Other than a few "interesting" people we enjoyed the parade.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday-Maddie and her cousins

Abby, Miriam, Kaisa, Maddie (age 1)

Kaisa, Abby, Miriam, Maddie (age 7)-

These girl cousins have so much fun together no matter what age!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maddie's New Trick

Maddie yells, Mom come and see my new trick. She then petalled her bike super fast and stood on her seat. Now being the good mother that I am I said, Please be careful-can you do it again and I will take your picture. :)

Gymnastics Camp

Maddie just finished up two weeks of Summer Gymnastic Camp. She's taken gymnastics since she was 2, but we took a break this last school year-I was glad to see her easily pick up where she left off.
This is what I caught her doing while she was waiting for her turn-

New Brownie Girl Scout

Last night we had our Bridging to Brownies Ceremony. We were suppose to do it out on a real bridge but of course after an entire day of sun and 85 degrees, 6:00 rolls around and here comes the rain. So we made a pretend bridge. Now I have a troop of Brownies instead of Daisies.

9 out of the 14 silly girls-

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bear Lake

We had a wonderful weekend in Bear Lake. We got to swim at the beach, ride the four wheeler, and have lots of time to play with cousins. It was fun to have Andy's Aunt Debbie there with four of her kids. Andy's grandparents fed us well and took good care of us as usual. Maddie even got to go to the ice caves with Debbie's family.
Bear Lake is one of my favorite places to take pictures!

Sophie is on a play tractor that belonged to Andy's Grandpa and his brother when they were little, so that thing is like 65 years old!

At the beach-

Maddie loved to run out really fast, fill her bucket with water and run back to fill her moat-
Sophie liked to crawl around and bark like a dog-

Tiffany and Sophie playing ball-
Garen hanging onto Andy for dear life, he's a bit scared of the four wheeler-
the kids love throwing sticks into the creek, even if Grandma Janene yells at them the whole time because they are to close-
playing crochet-

My handsome husband Chill'en on the grass-

Kimberly, Maddie, and Tiffany-

The girls were all about riding the four wheeler over and over again, but Garen needed some coaxing to even get on it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I took the girl scouts to Dominoes yesterday and they each got to make their own personal pizza then eat it.

After Girl Scouts we headed straight to the Primary Activity. Besides Sophie and Garen booth crying the whole time I was trying to help, it went really well. It was a pioneer theme and they got to plant seeds, make paper doll pioneers, pinwheels, button yoyos, three legged races, and then they each made their own little canister of butter to spread on homemade bread.

Garen and Levi

Here's a few pictures of Garen having fun with Levi and his grandparents while we were at our girls weekend-