Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Kids

I usually start with Maddie when I update so we'll switch it around and start with Sophie.

She is getting so big, so fast! She now fits into her 3-6 month clothes and she is only 6 weeks old! She is smiling at everyone now and she has the cutest little coos as she tries to talk with us.
She really loves to be held, but is such a good baby! Maddie and Garen are always by her side showing her things, talking to her, and giving her hugs and kisses. It gets a little overwhelming for her sometimes, but you can tell she loves them!

I love her bald head in front and her patch of hair in back-

This is a 3-6 month outfit!-
I know she's not doing much, but I just love to watch her look around with that look of amazement- (try to ignore the messy closet and room behind her).

Garen is so fun to have around! He has been such a good boy playing quietly by himself for hours. I finally took him to playgroup last week because he has been cooped up in the house pretty much since Sophie was born. He had a blast! There were about 8 other little boys there and they build towers with the giant block then knocked them down. And they took turns pushing each other down the slide.
Also, Garen has been using the toilet everytime I put him on it! The only thing is he will never go to the bathroom on his own or tell me when he needs to go. I put him in underwear the last two days, but when I would get to busy and not take him to the bathroom every 30 minutes he would just go in his underwear. So we went back to diaper today to make my life easier and we'll keep working on it.
Andy's going to kill me for posting this picture, but Garen is just to cute!-

He is the most lovey little boy! He is always giving hugs and kisses to everyone, especially his baby sister.
Going for a ride with sister in the pink Barbie jeep-

Maddie amazes me with her increased ability to read! She can pick up almost any children's book, easy or hard, and read the whole thing with little help. She read me a long story the other day that took her 25 minutes and I think she only needed help with one word!!! She is so grown up.
Andy took Maddie on a daddy-daughter date yesterday to pizza hut. Andy Said he was asking her 'What if' questions. One question was, What if you were stranded on an island and you could only have one possession, what would it be? Maddie replied, "a magic carpet of course, then you can fly off the island."
Another funny thing; Maddie came home from school yesterday and said that her class got to vote on what kind of party they would have-a pajama party or a donut party. Maddie said she voted for a pajama party because she doesn't know what donuts are. I've never bought donuts or given one to Maddie, so is that sad that my 51/2 year old doesn't even know what they are? Also for the longest time she called other peoples pop, 'dark juice.' She didn't try a sip of pop until a few months ago when she had to flu-she doesn't like it.
Maddie also moved up to the advanced gymnastics class this week! There are girls in her class that are 11 years old. Maddie looks so little in there, but it doesn't bother her; she acts like she's best friends with all of them.
One of Maddie's new little friends-

It was funny that Maddie and her friend Brecken looked the same today with while leotards, black pants, and blond pig tails. The teacher kept mixing them up.


At the end of class they played duck, duck goose. I didn't get it on video, but Maddie got picked like 6 times in a row by different girls. She was getting tired and the teacher had to make a rule to pick somebody besides Maddie.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

I got out of the shower this morning just in time to see President Obama sworn in and to hear his speech. This really is a day that will make the history books for years to come. I'm anxious to see the changes that will occur in the next 4 years.
Maddie came home from school and was excited to see that the parade was on. She said, "my teacher told me Barak Obama would be on when I got home. He's the first president with dark skin. And he has two daughter that are 7 and 10. We didn't vote for him but he's the president anyway." I guess they leared about President Obama at school today. I think Maddie know more than I do about him. ;)

Cache Valley weekend

Andy was able to take a couple days off work and Maddie had a long weekend away from school, so we decided to head to Utah.
This was Sophie's first trip. The kids did pretty well on the trip except when Garen got car sick about 10 minutes out of Clarkston. He got throw up everywhere! As I try and wipe him up I hear Maddie in the back seat, "that is so gross, I can smell it-What color is it?" And Maddie's favorite thing on the trip was to ask every 5 minutes, "how many more minutes are left."

It was a fun trip full of family and friends!
We were able to find Andy a new suit (it's about time, he still has his suits from his mission).
I got to spend a couple hours with my friend Brenda.
We visited Andy's grandpa who got put in a nursing home last month after a stroke.
The kids played in the snow, played with cousin Levi, and enjoyed lots of grandparents!
And Sophie met a bunch of family she's never seen before.
We miss everyone already!

Lots of pictures from the weekend-
Great grandpa Roger and great grandma Janene-

Great grandma Margaret and Sophie-

Maddie and grandpa Boyd-

playing in the snow/ice-

Levi hugging Garen (too funny)-

My cute family-

my friend Brenda helping Maddie on the wii-

Garen and friend Danny munching in the kitchen-

Sophie and great grandpa Ira (both very tired)-

Garen taking a rest in the car-

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gramdma Sue and Grandpa Paul visit

My mom and dad came to visit/help on Monday-Wednesday. It was so nice to have them here! We miss them already! My mom did all my laundry and dishes; my dad kept Garen occupied and he held Sophie alot while I showered, ran eronds and got Maddie ready for school. Thanks mom and dad for everything!
Maddie wouldn't smile for the picture because grandma and grandpa were leaving-

Sophie was smiling at my dad-

Just some other random pictures-
train tracks in the mouth and bruises on the head, that's Garen for you-

Thanks for the sweater and jeans grandma Jann-

One Month Old

Sophie Mae is one month old today! I can't believe how much she has grown in the last month. She has already grown out of several of her little outfits. She is now smiling at people, holding her head up and cooing. She loves to just stare into peoples eyes and look around. She is such a good little baby and handles the loud activity of her siblings very well.

I got the blessing dress that Alisha made, so we decided to take a few pictures of her in it since the actual blessing day is always so busy! Isn't she beautiful. (notice the pink quilt under her, that was a gift from Alisha as well-the other side is even cuter).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When did they grow up?

I took Maddie to school yesterday morning and as she hops out of the van she sees a boy from her class headed toward the doors. She yells, "Aidan, wait up." The boy stops and yells, "Oh, hey Maddie, in their 5 year old cool voices. Maddie runs up to him and he puts his arm around her and walks her to the door. Then he pulls the door open for her and lets her in first. How do five year olds know how to act like that. They resembled a little dating couple a little to closely. :(
When did my little girl grow up?
My little gymnast in her new leotard. Check out her buff arms and shoulders-
Then when I dropped her off at school this morning I was wishing I had my camera so I could have video taped her trying to get to the front doors.
It is so windy today, I can't believe it. I mean my whole bedroom was shaking last night. I thought at one point Maddie had come in and was climbing on the bed, but nope it was just shaking because the whole house was shaking from the wind.
My computer says the wind here is blowing at 47mph.
Anyway, before Maddie got out she was telling me how much she likes the wind. And I was telling her how bad it was today that she probably wouldn't be able to walk in it. And again she reassured me she likes walking in the wind. So she gets out and starts heading to the front doors. She is totally blown of course and shes hanging onto her backpack with one hand as it threatens to blow down the sidewalk. As I was getting out to go help her get to the door I was laughing so hard. She kept getting blown further and further to the right and further away from the doors. I guess that's what happens when you send a 35 pound little girl out in wind that strong. I hope they don't send them out for recess, because Maddie will probably blow right of the playground.

Now Maddie's not the only one growing up! Garen went poop in the toilet for the first time yesterday! He's really warmed up to the idea of using the toilet and he is excited about his big boy pants. So we'll see if we continue to have success with the potty training.
And then there is Sophie. This sweet little girl slept from 11:30 PM to 5 AM this morning! This is the longest stretch we have had so far. I hope it continues! Then Sophie can move into her sisters room in the next few months. (Maddie is excited for Sophie to sleep with her, but she thinks they need bunk beds so Maddie can "sleep up high")


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sophie's blessing dress and Maddie Montana

My dear friend Alisha made Sophie's blessing dress for me. It turned out so beautiful. I can't wait to try it on her. Alisha is so talented, I am so lucky to call her my friend for the last 20 years! Check out all the great stuff she does on her blog.

Sophie loves staring at this red dog-

My brother's family gave Maddie a Hannah Montana dress up for Christmas. She really likes Hannah and she had fun dressing like her.