Saturday, June 30, 2007



We finally got our new computer in the mail yesterday! Here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago of Maddie playing at Pony Express Days in Clarkston. They had a bunch of blow up slides and jump things and the kids got to run through the firetruck hose.
We are finally all moved in. I've gotten rid of almost all boxes and have started to hang pictures on the walls. Our bathroom tile will be done on Tuesday. I don't feel like we are in a normal routine yet, but we're getting there. I take a brake from the house a couple times a week and take the kids swimming at the Logan aqautic center. Garen loves the water and Maddie is getting really good at swimming. She's upset that she is just a couple inches to short to go down the waterslide by herself. Maybe she'll grow by the end of the Summer. I'll have to take pictures at the pool sometime.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

June Birthdays

On Sunday we had a party with all of Andy's side of the family to celebrate both Maddie and Garen's birthdays. Garen had a dump truck cake and Maddie had a princess cake. They both got so many fun new toys and clothes. The party was a nice break from painting. It's so crazy that Garen is already one. This year has just zoomed on by. And Maddie is turning into a little adult.

My parents came to Logan(Smithfield now), to help us move and to celebrate Garen's birthday. It was nice to have them here for a short time.


So last week we closed on the Condo and we spent the entire weekend painting every wall in the whole house, and ripping out every inch of carpet. I had to drag the kids from one babysitter to the next. Luckily Andy's parents were around a lot during the weekend so the kids could stay there. I would paint from early in the morning till about 1 am. Andy helped every chance he got, but he had to work most days. Then on Monday we got new hard wood floors and on Tuesday we got our new carpet. And finally on Tuesday night we got to start moving our stuff in. We still will be putting tile in the bathrooms next week and refinishing the kitchen cabinets in a couple of weeks. I'm really happy with how the place is coming along. The kids have had it rough going from one place to the next and now living among boxes but we'll have it done soon.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Maddie on her 4th Birthday

All Grown Up

Madelyn and Cousin Abby

Great Grandma Dora reading to the girls

Me bouncing the girls

Miriam, Maddie, Abby on Maddie's 4th birthday

Garen and Cousin Colton

Fun Filled Weekend

Maddie and her cousins and me and my friends at Sarah's baby shower

Alisha, Me, Sarah at Roman's reception and Grandma Sue with Maddie

Swimming with cousins and Maddie's little Spanish doll from Grandma Sue

Two of my friends had receptions this weekend I got to go to, as well as Sarah's baby shower. It was so fun to see many of my friends there with their young children or pregnant bellies. Plus we celebrated Saturday (Maddie's birthday) with cake and ice cream, swimming and 8 of Maddie's cousins. It's been great to spent the last few days with my sister and my parents.
On Sunday I had the privilege of going Emily Ika Robins' baby blessing. Her mom Carrol is my best friend. I enjoyed Carrol's sweet testimony and the beautiful blessing Seth gave baby Emily!
Later on Sunday me and the kids got to visit my grandparents. They are always such a joy to talk to and learn from-they will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this week!

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Since we were heading to Burley on Maddie's actual birthday we gave her her presents a day early. She has been asking for a play kitchen for a long time and she finally got it. She saw it when she woke up and was so excited. She asked me very nicely to go lay Garen down for a nap so she wouldn't have to share. She didn't get to play with it long before we went to The Fun Park for her birthday. Twelve of her friends came and they had a blast. It's pretty much a giant size McDonalds play place with huge slides and nets and lots of places to climb. My sister Sara came with her little girl. After the party Me and the kids rode with Sara to Burley to spend a few days (since I don't have a house to live in anyway).