Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny Kids

**The other night I was reading the kids, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and all the letters in the alphabet are on the back page. Just for fun I asked Sophie, where's S? And sure enough she pointed to it. I was surprised, I didn't know she knew her letters. Next we said where's O and then continued through all the letters of her name. She got every single one right. Maddie and I were laughing so hard everytime we gave her a new letter to point out and she got it right. I couldn't believe she knew them!

**When I was cooking dinner the other night I looked into the family room where the kids were and I'm glad I did so I could catch a little special moment. Garen was hugging Sophie on the couching saying, "I love you Sophie" and Sophie was rubbing his head. So sweet! I'm glad they love each other even though they fight so much.

**I was getting stuff out of Maddie's backpack and when I lifted it up I wondered why it was so dang heavy. I mean heavier than normal, she usually is caring library books, homework, lunch box, PE shoes, snowpants, waterbottle, snacks, etc. But this felt heavier than all that. I get to the bottom and she has a coat hood chuck full of rocks, I'm talking at least 10 lbs of them!!! I have no idea what she was planning on doing with them, but I made her go dump them back out into the field!

We missed a few ice skating classes due to mine and Sophie's couple weeks of sickness. But Maddie managed to move up to the next level anyway. She's getting very good. Garen enjoyed his first set of classes. Luckily he has some very patient and nice teachers!
Everytime I tried to take pictures of Maddie and Garen on the ice, Sophie would step in front of the camera and say "no, picture of me, picture of me." There's a reason this little girl calls herself a princess.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girl Scout Thinking Day and McDonalds

Yesterday was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts. We made a table all about South Africa (one of my Girl Scouts just moved there) and Maddie got to go around and learn about several different countries and try food from each.
I managed to make a fool of myself in many ways including, attempting to 'call' for the flag ceremony for our troop, something I've never done before, dance the Waka Wake Shakira Africa song in front of everyone, and sing a song (I don't sing). But over all it was a fun day, I'm just glad the majority of the people there were children.

When we got home the kids were restless and I am going on my 10th day of a horrible sore throat and we decided not to cook and go sit at McDonald's and let the kids run around so Andy and I could just sit and talk. While we were there a blizzard came in with lots of snow and wind, Maddie got a goose egg on her head and Garen scrapped a chunk of skin off his hand. Maybe McDonald's was a bad idea.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Our Valentine's day consisted of 2 preschool parties, one second grade party and about five minutes in passing with my husband. But at least we know we love each other! It's all about the little things; the note I left him on the mirror with his card, the sweet card he gave me, the yummy salad he put together for me to eat during my 10 minute break between preschool classes, the last minute trip Andy made to Smiths to pick up ice cream and soda to make love potion in preschool, and the last minute kiss goodbye as I walked in the door and he headed out. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I definitely didn't need Andy to buy me chocolates since the preschoolers hooked me up!-

Garen got to have a Valentine's party at the CDC preschool and then come home and have another at my preschool. We played heart bingo, painted puffy hearts, decorated cupcakes, played with playdough, and passed out Valentines.

Maddie's party was all about ice cream and chips and lots and lots of Valentine's and Candy!

And to top off all the sweets today, we had a heart shape pizza for dinner-

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pillow Pets

The kids got pillow pets for Valentine's day. They love them and cannot sleep without them now.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Panda Nebulizer

Sophie's wheezing and coughing has been really bad making her breathing labored. So on top of the 3 medications we had to buy we also had to purchase a nebulizer. Sophie's pretty good with it, she likes that it's a panda and she hold it by her mouth most of the time. Sometimes she likes to hold it in the air and watch the steam. I just sit and read stories to her while she holds it. I think her ear infections are clearing up because she isn't complaining about her ears anymore, now if we could just get rid of this other yuck stuff!
And sadly, Garen spiked a fever last night and is now coughing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Party with the Girl Scouts

Last night we had a Valentine Party chuck full of food and fun. The girls each made their own Valentine box than voted for their favorite and also the most creative. Maddie won most creative with her dog (I forgot to take a picture at the beginning and they destroyed it by the end). They got to make sun catchers, free paint, make hair clips, make fruit smoothies, paint their nails, and pass out Valentines. At the end I gave them each a red rose.

And Luckily, Andy took a night off work because Sophie woke up that morning with a very high fever causing her body to shake and her to throw up. I got her into the doctor first thing that morning and she had a double ear infection and her breathing was labored. So we came back with three different prescriptions and a nebulizer. Neither Andy or I had gotten much sleep all week so it seemed like a good day for Andy to use a sick day! I couldn't have done the Girl Scout party with a sick Sophie so I'm glad he was available.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Garen's First Ice Skating Lessons

Garen did so good at his first ice skating lesson. He loved finding the foam matches. Luckily Maddie's lessons are at the same time. So Sophie is the only one left out and she lets me know it. She repeats the whole time the kids are getting ready, "my skates", "my ice."

After ice skating we always have to take a few minutes to play at the play place-

And here's Garen on the bar at gymnastics. He loves going and playing with his friends there!

Super Bowl Sunday

Our church didn't get out till four, but right after we headed to our good friends Christian and Cammie's house for some Super Bowl fun. The guys went downstairs and actually watched the game and the girls stayed upstairs and chatted tuning in for the halftime show. Carter and Garen tackled each other the whole time, Maddie and Cali made up songs, and Sophie and Caleb fought over toys. The food was very yummy and we had a great time!!! Thanks for having us Cammie!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belly Dancing

One of my friends taught Maddie and the rest of the Girl Scouts to belly dance tonight. It was so much fun!!!

Garen's Field Trip

I went with Garen and his CDC preschool class on a field trip to the Dinosaur museum. It was Garen's first time ever on a bus of any kind. He was a bit nervous when we got on but really liked it. He loved the dinosaurs. Sophie on the other hand spent the whole time in my arms covering her eyes and saying "owweee".

Sophie trying to touch the pendulum-

Westridge Elementry Family Night

This week is Anti-bullying week at Maddie's school. They had a family night last night with games and activities about preventing bullying. The kids had a fun time. Maddie gets to go to a play at the college about bullying tomorrow.

Garen with a silly face and a very messy shirt!-