Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We are spending this snowy Memorial day thinking about all those who sacrificed for our freedom.
And potty training Sophie-

Discovery Gateway

After Temple Square we had a nice little picnic in the park for lunch. Then onto more fun at the Kids Discovery Gateway. The kids spent hours playing the pretend building area, the tube and ball area, and with all the magnetic blocks.
We ended our day with dinner at the food court. Then we had to make our drive home in rain in snow! It was such a fun 2 days and I think Maddie had a good time celebrating her birthday!

Garen spent a long time stacking these magnetic blocks based on size and color-

Maddie loved making her own movie with sound effects

The helicopter was a big hit with Garen-

Sophie loved the tube that would suck the balls straight up-

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Temple Square

The Joseph Smith Building

Going to the 10th floor was always a favorite thing to do when I was younger. My kids enjoyed looking out at the temple and Sophie liked the fountain.

Brigham Young

Since Brigham Young is my great great great grandfather we wanted to take the kids to a few of the places that represent him. We went up to where he is buried in a small quiet little place. We stopped by the Brigham Young memorial park and then of course the Beehive house where Brigham Young lived with his family. The kids were really good and enjoyed learning about him.

Sophie pointing out the train engraved on the hand railing-