Sunday, December 30, 2012


We got to spend Friday through Tuesday in Burley with my parents and Mandy's family.  They played school, they made endless funny videos on Kaisa's Ipad, Maddie and Kaisa made up at least 20 silly versus to the Jingle Bells tone and then they acted them out, Joren and Garen were found wrestling on the floor most of the time, and Chloe and Sophie were either running up and down the hall or watching a video on the little TV together.  It was so great to have this time with family even in the midst of construction due to my parents remodeling their home.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sledding with the Kempers

After Temple Square we got to stay the night and part of Friday with Sara and her family.  The kids loved the little sledding ramp down their back porch and there was plenty of snow to play in.  The kids really enjoyed the Utah snow play since Wyoming snow play usually involves snow being blown sideways into your face and below zero temperatures.   

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lights at Temple Square

Thursday after Andy got home from work we headed to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square.  The kids were in aw before we even left the parking garage.  They loved the escalators, the loved the fountain in City Creek mall.  When we got outside they were pointing and saying look at that building and look at how tall that building is.  Then when we got across the street to temple square the lights and Nativity's were so beautiful.  I'm so glad we took a little extra time to stop at Temple Square before Sara's house.  It was well worth it!
Sophie likes to copy her brother-

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day!

The kids were so excited to come running down the stairs this morning to see that Santa had come! As Sophie was openning her stocking she said, "I must not have been that bad."  Some of the favorite presents were:
a Trampoline from Santa
an indoor basketball hoop from mom and dad

stand and bench for her piano (Santa)
scrapbooking stuff (Santa)
tennis shoes
Lego friends (grandma Jann and grandpa Boyd)
telescope and microscope
Ice skates (grandma Sue and grandpa Paul)
DS games
Harry Pottery Lego Wii game
Phineas and Pherb science kit
Magic trick set
tons of books

Star Wars Angry Birds (Santa)
space angry birds (grandma Jann, and grandpa Boyd)
Star Wars Lego set and voice changer flashlight (grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul)
Wreck it Wrap action figure, DS game, and book
snow boots
Mario Bros. checkers and tic tac toe
Batman action figures
lots of books
Hot wheel cars
DarthMal puzzle

Walking toy dog (Santa)
Dora DS game
My little Pony stuffed animals
Minnie Mouse pillow pet (Grandma Jann and Grandpa Boyd)
Penguin game (Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul)
Doc McStuffins stuffed toy and puzzle
Jack and the Neverland pirates
Phineas and Pherb movie
Fix-it Felix action figure
Snow boots
Dream Light

Diapers, a travel bag with his name on it and PJs (Grandma Jann and Grandpa Boyd)
puppets (grandma Sue and grandpa Boyd)
sit on roll toy
farm toys
baby food (Santa)
Monster snow hat (Santa)
pop-up toy

We had a lovely morning of opening presents and then playing with all the great new stuff.  We had french toast, bacon, and cheesy potatoes for breakfast.  
We feel so blessed and so grateful this Christmas season, not only for our wonderful Christmas gifts and other temporal blessings but so much for the love and sacrifice of our savior and for our happy and healthy eternal family!

 If you didn't notice there is a baby Rhett in this picture. :)