Friday, March 28, 2014

Pilot Butte Carnival

Garen finished up his bowling season

The last day was cosmic bowling!
Garen was a little unsure about the bowling club but he ended up really liking it and he even got a few strikes here and there-

Shrek the musical field trip with Maddie

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sophie, She plays hard and drops like a brick at night

St Patrick's day

A little leprechaun left green in our toilet and left some green milk and he visited the preschool leaving green footprints and messing up our classroom and even left a treasure hunt on gold bars.
We made rainbow fruit kabobs for Garen's class, the girls got green treats at figure skating and we had an all green snack at preschool.

Garen's writing about feeling lucky-

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Traffic jam in Wyoming

Andy sent me this picture telling me he would be home a little late from work due to a traffic jam. 

Beautiful Maddie, growing up too quickly

Cute little figure skater

Besides figure skating club Sophie does Saturday lessons with the city. It's fun to watch her in the upper level class with kids twice her age and her talking to them like they are equals. 
Sophie skating backwards ahead of the group-


I love this age. Everett is so full of personality and so funny. It's crazy to see how smart he is and fun to hear him say more and more words each day

Everett learned to use the force and he loves using the force on his sibling an making them fall to the ground. 

Sophie at the dentist

Sophie's love notes

Sophie makes pictures for Andy and I everyday. Most mornings there is already a picture next to my face on my pillow before I wake up. For some reason all her pictures only include her with Andy and I and sometimes Everett but never Maddie and garen. She loves telling us how much she loves us. Recently she's been making hearts with more humps on top and she said that means she loves us a really lot. I love this girl!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fire Station Field Trip

Sophie got to try on firefighter gear, crawl through smoke, eat popcorn while watching a movie about firesafety, felt a hot door, called 911 and climbed out the window.  It was a fun day at the Fire Station.