Friday, December 31, 2010

Sledding and Visitors

We had to go try out all the snow we've got in the last couple days even though it was 0 degrees outside.

sledding down the little hill in front of our house-

oops that didn't work-

Maddie giving Garen a ride while he sat and ate snow-

too tired to pull anymore-

We got to hang out with my best friend Carrol and her family yesterday and last night since on their way back home to Ohio the freeway was closed due to bad weather. So they got to stay the night. It was so fun to play with her little girls and talk for hours. I miss them already.
Later we all went to see the new Yogi Bear movie. The kids laughed a lot. And the rest of our New Year's Eve was spend playing MariKart and Just Dance on the Wii and shooting off party poppers.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More pictures from Christmas weekend in Burley

Sophie checking herself out in the mirror-

The little fairies Kaisa and Maddie made with grandma Sue-

My cute mom and dad-

Hot cocoa-

I got to meet up with some old friends, Alisha, Giselle, Chanc, Cortney, and Carrol.
Me and Alisha talking in the background-
Sophie and Chanc's boy Ayden-


Sophie and Chloe-

Andy and Chloe bonding-
The kids loved playing Mario Kart all weekend-
Kaisa and Maddie in their matching skirts from grandma-
Our Family-

The claw game got hours of use from all the kids-
Also while in Burley I got to visit my grandparents several times and enjoy their company. And the kids got to go on a fun treasure hunt with special books with pictures from the Young Family Games for each kid.

Sophie's birthday party in Burley

We got to have a little party for Sophie while in Burley. She loved the attention of everyone watching her open her presents and blow out her candles.

Sophie having a hard time blowing her candle out-

Chloe giving it a try-

They all enjoyed ice cream sandwiches and sugar cookies-

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas morning

Our Christmas morning started out with Garen throwing up! ( I swear we have had more sick Christmas' then we've had well ones). But being sick didn't put a damper on Garen's excitement to see what Santa brought.

Some of Maddie's favorite things this year:
A keyboard (from mom and dad)
A BMX bike with pegs (from Santa)
An Ipod (from Jann and Boyd)
Fairy skirt and fairy making kit (from the queen fairy Suz)
The claw toy game (from Santa)
ATM money bank (from mom and dad)
a little white electronic cat (from Santa)
new earrings (from Santa)
Fairy chapter books (from Sophie and Garen)
and much more!

Garen's favorite things were:
remote control flip car (from Santa)
slinky dog from Toy Story (from Mom and Dad)
Rex from Toy Story (from his sisters)
Robot (from mom and dad)
Electronic batting practice (from Santa)
an electronic spiderman toothbrush (from Santa)
bucket of army men from Toy Story (from dad)
Buzz Light year operation game (from mom and dad)
2 Mac semis from Cars (from Jann and Boyd)
Nerf guns (from Suz and Paul)
a kids CD with his name in every song (from Santa)
Mario and Luigi Characters (from Santa)
and much more!!!

Sophie loved:
Cinderella and her horse (from Santa)
Jesse doll from Toy Story (from Garen)
story building blocks (from mom and dad)
cute new clothes (from Suz and Paul)
new stuffed animals (from Sara, Amber, and Jann)
Dora and Diego toothbrush (from Santa)
my little pony (from Santa)
Princess bath toys and bath markers (from Santa)
Light up magic paint brush (from mom and dad)
and much more!!

It was a wonderful Christmas and so fun to spend it with my sister and her family and my parents!

Carsten trying out the mini claw game-

opening her keyboard-

A fuzzy wuzzy as a joke for dad-


a bath with Sophie's new bath princesses-

trying out the remote control car-

trying out the new bike-

a slightly sick and weak Garen playing with slink-
Jesse make our Toy Story Character collection complete (minus Woody who is missing his head)

A very happy Andy holding Garen's movie-