Monday, September 30, 2013

Sophie's soccer

When Sophie gets tired she walks and isn't worried about where the ball is, but when Sophie says she's going to score a goal she just runs in, steals the ball and scores a goal.  She is always telling me she loves playing soccer but her favorite part is the after the game snacks.

Sophie had to come celebrate after she scored a goal-

Garen's Soccer

Garen's efforts in the sport are really starting to show.  He has great coaches and a great team.  I love seeing him happy as he plays and interacts with his teammates.  He's a little less aggressive but he is amazing at spacing and knowing exactly where he should be on the field at any giving moment in the game.

Maddie's Soccer

5 Days a week we are found at the soccer fields.  Maddie is doing awesome, her speed never fails her and she is first one to the ball.  She scores multiple goals every single game and her determination and aggressiveness is amazing.  They are coed this year but Maddie's team only had one boy on it and he his out for the season with a broken bone but playing against boys or even against girls twice her size doesn't seem to phase her.  We love watching her play!
 Maddie's in their fighting for her goal

Just some random picture I love from recent days

Playing ball as a family Saturday night at the church-
 Everett's new favorite spot to be-
 Such a grown up Sophie ready to go to princess playgroup-

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sophie at Preschool

 Learning Yellow by wearing yellow-

 Crazy Hair Day

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We've enjoyed the daily thunderstorms and rainbows we've had this last week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

15 months old

At 15 months Everett likes to express his independence. He never wants to be contained in a carseat, a stroller, or in my arms. He spends his days running, exploring and emptying out any drawer, bag or cupboard. He's learned to fold his arm and tries to pray with us.