Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A little less crying but Rhett still hates bathtime!

Ready for school on Choir Concert day!  I get to go watch her at her evening performance later tonight.

Sophie in the Bear Cave at Preschool

Monday, November 26, 2012

A finished project

I bought a bunch of canvas's for cheap awhile back.  I got the sides of them painted black and then used Mod Podge to add pictures.  Now I have lovely pictures to look at all the way up the stairs!  I might add a few more in the future.

Trying out the highchair

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting bigger by the second!

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree...

 As soon as we got back to Rock Springs on Saturday we headed to get our Christmas tree.  We let the kids pick which one they wanted.

 The kids were so excited to get all the Christmas stuff out.  Even Everett was enjoying himself.  This singing Santa is especial special because last year it entertained the kids at Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Dora's house.  Now we get to push the button over and over and listen to "here comes Santa, bringen the presents to ya" about one hundred times a day.

 And these pictures of Andy make me laugh so hard!  Everytime I went to take a picture he pulled cheesy faces on purpose.  He should have known they would end up on the blog!

 The kids did a great job getting the tree all decorated!

on our way out of Logan we stopped to eat lunch and feed the ducks at first dam.


We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with Andy's parents, his sister's family and his grandma and great grandma.
Andy with Great Grandma Pug (age 98)

 Zack and Rhett-

Maddie's Thankful turkey she made.  Love how she wrote I like the meals my dad and sometime my mom makes.  I really do cook but I guess Andy has been cooking more lately. :)

On our way into Logan we stopped at our old house!  We moved into this house when Maddie was 6 months old, and moved out when Maddie was 4 and Garen was 1.
That was the best neighborhood; right by a walking loop and park, a few feet from the river and our neighbors had chickens.

Hill Aerospace Museum

We got to stop at Sara's house on our way to Thanksgiving in Logan.  The kids got to spend some time playing with their cousins they haven't seen in awhile.  From their house we stopped to see the airplanes at Hill Air Force museum.  The kids loved all the cool airplanes!