Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Andy and Sophie thought I was the house-

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Look back at 2011

We sent out 70 Christmas cards this year and I think we still missed some friends and family, so here's our card if you didn't get one!

2011 was another fabulous year!
-Sophie turned 3 and enjoys her weekly princess playgroup, attending my preschool, and mornings at the rec. center daycare. She says the darnedest things and is always making us laugh!!!
-Garen turned 5 and enjoys 2 different preschools, an all boys gymnastics class, and even tried soccer this year. He's loves learning to write and spell new words, play preschool, and computer games.
-Maddie turned the big 8 and had a beautiful baptism! She started 3rd grade and has kept very busy with, the gymnastics team, piano, figure skating, activity days, choir, and soccer. She loves to read, draw, do crafts, and has been so helpful to me with the house and her siblings! She even got the 2nd highest math testing school in all the 3rd grade!
-Emily started her 3rd year of teaching preschool out of our home and loves being able to teach especially Garen and Sophie. She teaches the Laurels in Young Women each Sunday and has learned a lot from them. In September we found out we are expecting baby number 4! The rest of her time is spent taking the kids to the places they need to be and desperately trying to keep up with laundry and dishes.
-Andy is enjoying working at Bridger Coal and really enjoying the weekends and Holidays off! He stays busy being Elders Quorum president, moving people in and out of the ward almost weekly it seems. And he tries to sneak in some basketball playing.

We can't wait to see what new adventures 2012 has in store for us!

MTV, Christmas Parties, and goodbyes

It's been a full week! We had our Christmas preschool party, then I helped at Maddie's school party which was even more chaotic than my preschool one!

Wednesday morning I headed to Zumba and MTV was filming a girl in the class for the show 16 and Pregnant. I tried to avoid the cameras at all cost so not to end up on TV. If i'm going to be famous I prefer it to be on any other show besides 16 and Pregnant! haha.

We spent 2 hours at the dentist for all 3 kids checkups. They all did very well in the chair!!!

Wednesday night we enjoyed spending the evening with many of our friends as we had a Don't-say-goodbye, goodbye party for Jesika and her family.

The week has been full, and we still have several parties to attend, gingerbread houses to build, Christmas movies to watch, yummy treats to eat, and there is only 3 more days till Christmas!!!!

too much candy, can you tell-
Johana, Jesika, Cammie, me, Rene

Monday, December 19, 2011

Singing in Church and Piano Recital

We had a busy Sunday. Maddie and these other cute 8 year olds sang The Nativity song in sacrament meeting. I taught the Christmas lesson to all the Young Women. Then after church we got to enjoy Maddie's piano recital.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sophie Turned 3!

Sophie woke up on her birthday to find a bike and a new Dora and her dog doll. She didn't even have a chance to play with them before we had to head to Garen's school to help with his Christmas party. All the teachers couldn't get enough of Sophie, they let her do the crafts and she even got to sit on Santa's lap with Garen. After Garen's party we had my preschool. Sophie got to bring pink cookies and pink ice cream for her birthday treat and got to pick from the treasure box.
Then for dinner Sophie requested McDonalds so we got to go get happy meals and play in the playplace for 2 hours with The Pollastros, Hansens, and Hales. She pretty much fell asleep on our way home; I guess it was a bit of a too much fun filled day!

They are both saying Rudolph-
At McDonalds-

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Choir Concert

Maddie had her school choir concert last week. The video and pictures are pretty poor but we enjoyed watching Maddie perform.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sophie's Princess Party Extravaganza

Today Sophie had a big princess party with the girls from her playgroup and her preschool. We had 11 little girls in all. We played pass the magic jewel, find Cinderella's slipper, pin the crown on the princess, freeze dance to princess music, and read a few princess stories. We also made necklaces, colored pictures, ate princess cake and pink ice cream, and Sophie enjoyed opening all her fun presents.
Sophie sent her guests home with a box full of princess things like: a crown, shoes, bracelet, earings, candy, stickers, and a CD with princess songs on it.
The girls had a fun time and I had a great time creating princess land for them.

Sitting with Santa

This weekend was packed full of Family, friends, and fun. Friday Jann and Boyd came to visit. They brought Sophie her birthday gifts, went to the Yogurt place with us, and got to come to our ward Christmas breakfast. At the breakfast the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted. The funniest thing before Santa came out I asked Sophie what she was going to tell Santa-and she said she was going to tell him a joke about a banana. She actually ended up asking for a football and a horse (which our new requests to me).

Later on Saturday Brenda and her boys, Jacob and Danny came for a visit. The kids had a blast playing with their long time friends and I'm really sad I didn't take any pictures. Brenda and I enjoyed some long girl talks and just hanging out together.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Writing to Santa

On Saturday Andy was working some overtime, but the kids and I found plenty to do. After our chores were done we headed to the movie theater to see The Muppets. The kids thought it was super funny. Then we wrote letters to Santa and made Christmas crafts.
Garen really wasn't mad, that's just the face he choose to give me when I was taking pictures.

Saturday, December 3, 2011