Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everett got attacked by puppets and preschoolers today at preschool

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Night at Westridge

The kids enjoyed some games, crafts, and food at Westridge for Anti-bullying week.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mustang Basketball game

Here in Wyoming there is such thing as Laborer night at the college.  Since that word includes most of the town I guess they have to make a night out of it.  But you get into the game for free, they serve free hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, and candy, and do a free raffle.
We took the kids and had dinner at the game.  It was a lot of fun!  Sadly the only picture I took was this lovely one of Sophie enjoying her hot dog (which she choked on later).
Despite the loud buzzers and all the cheering Everett went ahead and fell asleep.   

So happy about his new found freedom to go wherever he wants to.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We have a little crawler!

Children of God

As I was heading upstairs after the kids were in bed I heard the girls singing and had to catch a little on video-

Sophie at preschool

One of the great perks of being Sophie's preschool teacher is I don't miss out on any of the fun moments she experiences at school and I get to snap pictures of them.
Marble painting-

 mixing colors in shaving cream-

 pretending to climb for Jack and the beanstalk-
 bringing real snow inside-

 White boards and stencils-

 letter I made out of kids-
 making a hibernating habitat-

 game day-
 Letter E out of kids-

 letter B out of kids-
 covering Sophie with blocks-

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sophie had been asking me for 2 days to paint her nails but it was always at a bad time; right before her recital, or right before we were leaving somewhere. She came to me again yesterday afternoon and asked and of course I was just about to feed Everett.  Then she turned to Andy and in her cutest voice said, "dad could you paint my nails?"  I guess he just couldn't refuse that little girl.  Andy did pretty good for never painting nails before! 

We have a stander!

Just sucking on some celery because it feels good on the gums (soon to be teeth)

Blog Books

So I got my blog book in the mail the other day for 2012.  440 pages and 2,058 pictures! I love these books and the kids love these books.  I've been turning this blog into a annual year book since 2007 and often I find the kids looking through all the books and reminiscing about past events.

Sophie likes to line them up in order and look through all of them, or the kids rotate books with each other.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dance Recital

By the end of the recital I felt like I had been dancing the whole time but luckily for the audience I had not danced just run my girls back and forth and changed costumes, etc.  
Grandma Jann and Grandpa Boyd were able to come see the girls perform and it was fun to see them for the short time they were here.  Both Maddie and Sophie danced so well, it was fun to watch them!  Right after the show Maddie said, 'I want to do that again!'  I guess she enjoyed the spotlight.  

 at rehearsal-
 attempting her puckered hip hop face but Sophie tends to turn it into a fish face instead.