Monday, December 30, 2013

Harvesting Ice

It was finally warm enough for the kids to go outside.  I went to go check on them and they were chipping off chunks of snow and filling the wagon.  They said they were harvesting snow and later they were mining it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas day was perfect!  
I loved the excitement and magic in the air, I loved watching my kids get so excited about each gift.  
I loved that Sophie started dancing and singing booya after unwrapping bubble gum and that she ran and jumped into Maddie's arms with a big hug when Maddie gave her a little notebook that locks.  
I loved watching Everett get in and out of his new car, and unwrap his presents sitting in there and drink his bottle in there.  
I loved seeing how happy Garen was after seeing what mystery lego character was in each little package.  
I loved watching Maddie pass out gifts to everyone-which used to be one of my favorite things to do as a kid.  
I loved when she opened her ice skating bag she looked in amazement and said, "Santa had time to go find my ice skates and put them in here!" 
I love how Everett fell in love with Sophie's new kitty and Sophie was nice enough to share it with him. 
I love that the kids are just excited if not more excited about their new book as they are their new toys.  
I loved having my parents here and a part of all the Christmas excitement, they just add to the Spirit of Christmas!  
I love that we spent the whole day playing games, building legos, watching Miracle on 34th street and the Grinch, and trying out all the new gifts.  
I loved our big Christmas breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit.  
I loved that Maddie wore the hat Grandma Sue gave her the whole day.  
I love that Grandma Sue decided to paint Sophie's nails.  
I loved that Maddie said her favorite part of the whole day was the Steak and homemade fries we had for dinner.
I love that Sophie made 3 letters complete with sealed envelopes ready to send just minutes after Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul left.
I loved going Shopping with my mom right before Christmas and having her help me pick out a new coat.
I love that I was able to give Andy a book he wanted that he mentioned just days before Christmas because my parents stopped at Seagull book on their way here.
I love that Maddie put 3 Lego sets together with zero help, each set having almost 500 pieces each. And then she spent hours working on dot-to-dots that go up to the thousands.
I love that we got time to read, talk, and think about Christ