Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Pictures

Maddie was most excited about the magnet button we got with her soccer picture on it.


We went to Logan this weekend for Andy's cousin Matt's wedding. We stayed in a hotel and enjoyed the continental breakfast each morning, some swimming, and jumping on the beds. Between the wedding, the luncheon, and the reception, we squeezed in some shopping, seeing Brenda and her family, and lots of play time with grandma and grandpa and Amber, Zeb, and Levi.
Here's a bunch of random pictures from the weekend-

Bear Lake and the moon behind the girls-

I looked back while we were driving and this is what I saw-

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday was such a nice day, so when I finished preschool and Maddie got home from school we headed out. We went to Jim Bridger pond, which happens to be right next to where Andy works, so we got to see the plant out there.

Andy's work-

Friday, September 17, 2010

Girl Scout Make your own shirt night

Maddie loved making her own shirt last night, she even wore the little beauty to school today. In the middle it says "Grils rook"-haha, she ment girls rock.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...

Maddie was super excited to loose her other front tooth at school yesterday. She got a giant plastic tooth necklace to put it in and wear for the rest of the day. But for some reason last night the toothfairy forgot to take her tooth and leave money-I guess she got really tired and fell asleep? I guess she'll have to come tonight!

Independent Sophie

Sophie was playing in the bathtub and I got on the computer for a minute, next thing I know she's right next to me with a towel wrapped around her. I don't even know where she got the towel since I hadn't got one out for her yet. I guess she was done. In the picture she is saying "cold".
Sophie is growing so fast and she thinks she's a big kid. She rules the house when I teach preschool. She comes down to sing and paint (make a mess) then when she's had enough she goes upstairs by herself and does who knows what. I can just hear her up there while I'm teaching going up and down the stairs. I think she enjoys having free reign on the house with no siblings or parents telling her what to do or taking what she has.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Soccer Game

Today was Maddie's first soccer game of the season. She did great and had a lot of fun! Garen on the other hand smashed his fingers on the playground and didn't enjoy his time there at all.

Girl Scouts on Main Street

I took Maddie and some other Girl Scouts to an event last night. They got a big spaghetti dinner, dancing, and way to many s'mores. They had a great time!

you put your head in, you put your head out-

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cutting it down to the wire...literally

So my preschool started today and we got the electricity hooked up about 8pm last night. Yes we were cutting it close on finishing the basement in time, but I got it set up and ready to go. It only took several late nights of painting, painting, caulking, painting, cleaning, painting, setting up, and did I mention painting!
Here's a look-
center stations-


cubbies and classroom pets-
reading corner-
group circle time area-
some of my morning class-
And I was very proud of Garen. He struggled going to the CDC preschool this morning, but the teachers said he participated in some the activities which is a first there. Then he came to my preschool in the afternoon and did awesome! He played with friends, did all the activities, and even ate snack (he has refused to eat in front of people lately)

Maddie loves second grade! When asked if she had a good day she replied, "it was an AWESOME day!"
So my days pretty much look like this now:
6:30am-get up
8am-pick up Garen's friend and take them to the CDC for preschool.
8:30am-get Maddie to school
9am-my preschool starts 9 students and Sophie joins in
10:30am-my friend brings Garen home from the other preschool
11:30am-first preschool session ends followed by 30 min. to feed Garen and Sophie lunch and lay Sophie down for a nap
12:15pm-second preschool session starts-9 students
2:45pm-preschool ends, eat lunch since lunch and breakfast were missed
3:30pm-Maddie comes home from school
4:00pm-piano, soccer, girl scouts, or gymnastics depending on the night
7pm-maybe dinner if I got a chance to make it
8pm-kids to bed
8-11pm-clean up, set up preschool for next day, etc.